The Essay Is A Creative Pieace For Anything Needed Such As A Short Story Feel Free To Change The Names To Pepoel You Know And Have Fun

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The Legend of the Giant Panda ManAbout the time of the medieval ages , a large shipment of animals from all around the world were brought to the village of Vulcadon. This village was known for it's great animal zoo and military strength. King Justin ordered for this animal collection so they could pick out the most fierce ones . They wanted only the fiercest ones because they were going to train them ,and use them to fight their nemesis the Decay people. Led by Kevin the Great . However, the whole war was soon to change when a young boy named Brad came into play.Brad visited the pandas every day, he fed them , played with them , and even acted like them. However, one day when Brad went to the zoo he seen some of Kevin's army stealing animals. He even saw one shoot a panda in the back.Brad then ran up with a rock and smashed it into a soldier's back . The soldiers took Brad and the pandas and they threw Brad into jail for one month.Every day Brad spent in Decay jail he practiced on how he was going to free the animals . On Brad's second last day his roommate Zack Bello, a so-called magician, gave Brad the power to somewhat change into a Giant Panda. Zack was later brought to the altar of sacrifice where he was killed.The next day king Kevin let Brad free . That night Brad went to the Decay zoo and freed his giant panda friends . Brad and the panda crew climbed up houses while Brad yelled, " Giant Panda Man lives on". So no one in the city of Decay fell asleep and some people even got beat up by some of the pandas.Night after night Brad would spread destruction every where.then King Kevin sent the Chief Poacher Kleatus after Brad .Brad and his pandas went to the secret underground village where they made the great plan to free all the animals from the zoos in both Vulcadon and Decay.Brad was armed with a strong bamboo stick and the pandas had their claws .Everyone...

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Creative writing, its a short story about a girl who is addicted to smoking.

535 words - 2 pages smokers. They often asked me if I want a cigarette but I kept saying ?No, smoking causes death? and they use to laugh and say ?Are you scared about that-chicken??Hardly anyone ever asks me for ID. Maybe I look eighteen.How did your parents react when they knew that you smoke?They were a bit worried but they didn?t yell at me or anything, they just told me how bad smoking is, the short and long term effects of smoking and how hard it is to give up.Is

Change of Character. This essay is a character analysis of Dee in Alice Walker's short story, "Everyday Use." The grade was an 85 and could have been higher if the grammer would have been better!

526 words - 2 pages heritage was the right and "in thing" to do. When Dee returned home she had changed her name to, Wangeri Leewanika Kemanjo. She claimed that the Dee she used to be was dead. In the story you can see the author foreshadowing what was to come. The mother displays her patience throughout the whole short story until the very end. During the last few paragraphs of the story while Dee is home, it depicts her as being blunt and demanding of her mother and

Discuss how you feel about the form of discrimination they explore in their poem, what effect do you think they are trying to have on you as a reader?

1239 words - 5 pages discriminated against others, or about ways that we have been discriminated against. It gives readers the idea that discrimination is truly something to be ashamed of, and that one day Americans would understand this. This shows how Langston Hughes hoped that as a country, America would one day look back and see how wrongly they treated African-Americans. The future, after all, depends on how well we can learn from our past, and move forward. The

Essay Question: Discuss at least three reasons that you feel best explain why the Cold War began, how it affected the peoples of the world, and why it lasted for such a long time.

1396 words - 6 pages . In the East the wealth is distributed more evenly, making less people rich or poor as well having a government run economy i.e. profits go to the public whereas in the West the economy is free market meaning that profits go to the company.Another main reason was that there was a long history of mistrust between the two countries starting off with the Russian revolution of October 1917 where the Royal family was murdered. The Communists, when

We had to write a short story in my creative writing class. This story is called Jesus Lives in Colorado.

5008 words - 20 pages didn't care for coffee, that he had ordered it because it was the first thing that came to his mind. Before she placed it in front of him he did just that," I don't know why I ordered coffee, it just sounds like something that you should order in a diner on a day like this, I don't really like it", he said. He was embarrassed at his own confession. "But Luke this is a special order just for you, on the house", her voice had changed and seemed to

A creative story on the topic of 'Change': "The Lamppost"

535 words - 2 pages wrinkled.I no longer look up to my lamppost in awe for it is not awe I feel when I see it. I now see the bigger picture, the understanding of the greater things in life. I have changed.I walk briskly now; I have the air of a man with much to do and not enough time to do it. I stride away, down the street. I trod this path for many years, however, always towards my lamppost. I have seen it now, for one last time. As I walk away, I count the other lampposts as I pass them. I countdown from thirty-three; this is the number that will stick in my head until the light of my beacon burns out.

Anticpation is about 9-11 a creative writing piece about a firefighters strugle to survive. short story

1709 words - 7 pages and Steve I want you guys to go up there with them and help in anyway needed.""Yes Sir" we replied, in unison" Is this anything like the Khert house yesterday?" I, asked"Not much except that there is a 101 stories difference and there is a hell a lot more people of course not Broda." Chief, saidWould my training really prepare me for what I would be facing? Did I have a chance against impossible odds I prayed for God to help me."Please God I

Short creative essay on Katherine Mansfield's short story, Bliss. The main character's hysteric happiness with life is questioned when it is revealed that her husband has a lover.

513 words - 2 pages headlong into the worst possible scenario of her life- namely her husband in the arms of another woman. This foundation on which she had built her life is now shattered, irretrievable, and it will force the woman to ask why she had never wondered about her life. Is this what I had been missing? It's not a story about sadness; although that is the first reaction- it is the story about achieving adulthood and independent thought. For this woman will

Response to Lois Tilden's "Sleep, My Little One." A response to a short science fiction story about a world that never sleeps - literally - and the probility of such a future.

517 words - 2 pages "Sleep, My Little One" is a science fiction story that has the same general prediction as many speculative and science fiction stories; the degradation of the quality of life. This story, however, focuses on a much overlooked luxury: sleep. In "Sleep, My Little One," Lois Tilden predicts a day when science has found a way to end a need for sleep. Instead of sleeping for eight hours, all that is needed is a thirty minute relaxation exercise

"The accident" a good short story essay with a great twist (its gotta have a twist).

825 words - 3 pages could've easily been me lying there I'm always hopeless at remembering that. I lent down to feel for a pulse but there was nothing.It was beginning to rain and as I was checking around I saw something lying next to him in the mud, A cell phone. Despite the fact it was completely smothered with dirt it turned on. I dialed 111, the operator answered. "Hello you've reached the emergency service, would you like fire police or ambulance?" "Ambulance

If race is imaginary and socially constructed, why then does it have such a profound impact on the structure of society and the automatic ways people feel towards each other?

650 words - 3 pages capacity.When looked at in this light, it becomes apparent that race is solely a way for people to differentiate themselves from each other based on physical appearances alone. The fact that it is so universally believed to be a real indication of biological difference is a classic example of a pretty myth getting out of hand because it makes people feel better about their unfair biases and judgments. Perhaps this method people have of classification is

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This Is A Short Story I Wrote For An English Task I Got An A So Feel Free To Us It As You Wish And Good Luck With Your Assignment

924 words - 4 pages be the last day that I would ever spend with my dad. I wasn't made to go to bed that night but after a very long day I was extremely tired so I went in and said goodnight to my dad and he said "I love you". I went into the lounge room where my nanny and poppy were and we watch the cartoons on the Disney channel until I feel asleep. I had been seeing a councillor named Ruth for roughly 3 weeks to try to prepare me for what

A Cry For Help! True Story About A Girl's Hardships. *The Names In This Story Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent*

1952 words - 8 pages virgin, to which she replied yes. The next thing he did was forbid her to have anything to do with the neighbors across the street and that was the end of discussion. She told me that she tried to see the reasons behind her fathers' request for about a week, than she gave up. She told me that she had had too much fun with David during the snowball fight. She started to sneak out of her house to see the neighbors. She did this for about two months

An Ordinary Day Question: Write A Creative Story To Create A Sequel To A Previous Short Story You Have Read. With In You Must Include Similes Metaphors And Personifications

1884 words - 8 pages , "G-d is that you?" Walter asked curiously. "Listen, don't talk." The gentle old man boomed. "I need your help Walter. I want you to free the Jewish people from their exile in Egypt." There was a pause of silence, Walter was standing tall and proud. "You will take this staff, and with it you shall be able to conquer all evil".... "Let's go before the crowds start leaving!" Walters's dad said while poking Walter in the ribs

Scribes" These Are From The Bible To Study By Or To Use For A Essay Of Some Sort In This Case It Was A Short Essay But You Can Use It For Anything

6964 words - 28 pages supporters. In many passages of the Gospels, Christ is quoted as warning the multitude against them in scathing terms. "The scribes and the Pharisees have sitten in the chair of Moses. All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do: but according to their works do ye not; for they say and do not. For they bind heavy and insupportable burdens, and lay them on men's shoulders; but with a finger of their own they will not move them