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The Essay Is About Admission To Univeristies And Colleges

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Admission to Universities and CollegesA post-secondary education is considered key to a successful future. However, as more students recognize the importance of furthering their education, a dramatic increase in the competition results. Currently, admission to Canadian universities is based mostly on academic standing from high school, which is unfair for many reasons, ranging from subjective marking to inconsistent subject standards. Therefore, every student who wants to pursue a university or college education should write a national entry examination similar to the Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) in the United States. Having students write a national entrance examination would create a national standard for admission, ensure all students have appropriate English and math skills, and minimize teacher discrepancy in assigning grades.A national standardized test for university or college admission is necessary in order to create a national standard so that other universities or colleges will recognize the education standards students have achieved not only in their province but in provinces across Canada as well. Since provincial governments are responsible for their own education curriculum, maybe what is taught in Newfoundland differs in Alberta. A national standardized test would let all post-secondary institutions recognize the knowledge and skills of students from every part of the country on an equal level. Furthermore, each province has some form of standardized testing for Grade 12 students, but what is considered "the standard" varies from province to province. For example, in BC, students wishing to enter a post-secondary institution will have to write at least one Provincial, depending on each school's requirements. However, what is taught in the high schools is recognized by universities and colleges as not always being a good indicator of English or math levels. Many post-secondary institutions require students to take additional math and English tests to prove an appropriate skill level. Having a national standardized test would create a national standard that is easy to understand plus eliminate these additional tests.A national standardized test would ensure that all students have appropriate skills at a post-secondary level. Therefore, post-secondary education would be limited to those who show a certain ability to learn at a university level. Recently, Simon Fraser University announced that the school, like many other post-secondary institutions, is going to revise many programs because students who have graduated from SFU have been found not to have acceptable English and math skills. However, even though they are changing their programs in order to focus more on language and...

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