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The Essay Is On How The People In The Elizabethan Times Entertained Themselves With Sports And Games.

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Elizabethan Games, Pastimes and SportsIt is hard to think that an Elizabethan could ever get bored. When the weather was good Elizabethans could play bowls, tennis, football or practice archery and fencing. When the Weather kept them inside they played dice, cards, or board games. If they wanted to watch a sport they could go see bear baiting or cockfighting. There were so many games, activities and sports to play in the 16th century (Young).Outdoor SportsIn the 16th century people took part in many various activities (Young). Some outdoor sports were played just for fun, other games practiced skills of war (Elizabethan England).Elizabethan bowls is like present bowling. A marker called a jack was placed at the end of a field. A player would roll the bowl (the ball) to the jack. The ball was misshaped so it would be hard to get it close to the Jack. The contestant who got the bowl closest to the jack won (Elizabethan Times).Tennis was played frequently though it was quite different from modern tennis. The ball was made of leather, stuffed with hair. The ball could hardly bounce. The player had to have great strength, therefore woman did not play tennis. Tennis was played in an enclosed court with high walls. One version of tennis was played with racquets; the other was played using a special glove (Langley). Tennis was especially fashionable with royalty but courts were made open to the public (Andrews).Football, now called soccer, was also played in Shakespearean times. The ball was made of pigs' skin or leather. The goals were sometimes spread miles apart. Football was generally played by the upper class. Elizabethans did not play on open fields, there was usually rivers and trees in the way. There were few rules, which resulted in several severe injuries (Andrews).Archery was a tournament sport. Even though there was a growing use of gunpowder, archery was still used in battles. It was mandatory for every adult in good condition to do archery (Andrews). The shaft was made of wood and the arrowhead was made of iron (Elizabethan England). Wealthy men practiced archery by themselves. The poor did not have a lot of property to practice on, so they piled haystacks in open fields for the poor so they could practice their archery (Andrews).Jousting was another tournament sport. Jousting tournaments were held for the rich only. During these events men on horseback fought each other with lances (Elizabethan England). Another version...

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