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The Essay Of Horrible Doom

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GMOs, or genetically modified organisms are living things that have had their qualities changed using genetic engineering techniques. They are found in most of the food you eat, but you can buy specialized products without them. Providing genetically modified crops for human consumption has caused controversy regarding such products safety and impact on the environment. However I maintain the opinion that the growth and commercial use of genetically modified foods cause no negative repercussions in either of these ways. By citing online text and media sources I will show how after much research, genetically modified crops have been shown to cause no negative health effects when consumed, and ...view middle of the document...

These can be used to help give food to developing countries where there may not be a lot of food available. They can also be used to give nutrients from a less eaten food that are needed in a more eaten food. Using genetic modification to give these effects to the food can improve the food that you eat.
Finally genetically modified produce can provide financial benefit to farmers. By producing a natural pesticide the greater resistance of genetically modified crops allows farmers to spend less on pesticides and herbicides. The plants that are grown can be bigger and more filling of peoples needs. This is because overall genetically modified foods have better yields and need less maintenance than non genetically modified foods. Although the cost for using genetically modified seeds is greater than using normal seeds the financial benefits are greater and they make this fact have less effect.
People who express opposition to genetically modified foods claim that there is not enough research to back up the...

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