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January9, 2018
The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen writes a story of a match girl wants to get warm and happiness before the day of the new year, but she dies on a corner of a street at a cold night at last. The Little Match Girl is one of Andersen’s the most famous fairy tales in the world. This story is from his experiences of life. The author uses a fairy tale to depict hard lives of people who are the bottom of society. when people see others’ suffering, they choose to be blind. Through this fairy tale, the author shows the little poor girl dies by the indifference of society at last.
The match girl is the most important character of this fairy tale. Andersen uses a lot of words to write her appearance at beginning. She wears two large slippers on the street. The large slippers belong to her weak mother. She doesn’t have her own slippers because of her poor family. The match girl still lost her large slippers, even though she is so unfortunate. An urchin takes her last one slipper away, and he makes laugh at her when he saw the poor girl walking on the street with one slipper. As Andersen writes “He thought it would do capitally for a cradle when he someday or other should have children himself.” Passerby don’t only ignore the match girl’s misfortunate when they see, but also look for fun from her. They don’t give help to the match girl because of her suffering. Their misfortunate makes the little girl be close to death.
The match girl’s father is the second most important character of this story. Her father doesn’t show up in this story, but her father’s indifference is also one of reasons...

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