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The Essay On Socrates May Be Very Usefull During Your Studying The Intellectual History Of Europe (Or Philisophy). Enjoy The Downloading!

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Essay on Socrates.

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher living approximately in 469-399 years before Christ. He lived during the time of moving from the height of the Athenian hegemony to its decline with the defeat by Sparta and its allies in the Peloponnesian War. The issue of forming an accurate picture of the historical and his philosophical points of view is known as the Socratic problem. It is quite difficult to approve some facts about him with confidence because he is known only through the classical accounts of his students. That makes his extraordinary personality more interesting to study.

The most popular source which gives us the main thoughts of Socrates is "Apology" which was written by Plato. It is his version of the speech given by Socrates in the court against charges of being a man "who corrupted the young, refused to worship the gods, and created new deities". The Apology can be divided into three parts. The first part is Socrates's own defense of himself and includes the most famous parts of the text, namely his recounting of the Oracle at Delphi and his cross-examination of Meletus. The second part is the verdict, and the third part is the sentencing.

To begin with, Socrates is said to be a champion of justice. But what does it mean - to be "a champion of justice"?

According to "Apology", Socrates is the one who strongly believed that he was not wise despite the thing that he always made young people come up with decisions, make up their minds speaking to them about different philosophical questions. Moreover, when jury found Socrates guilty and condemned him to death, he was not frightened. In his opinion, it is better to die rather then to ask judges about the pardon. It seems to him that his authority is above all other existing things and he would never ask anybody in the court to help him to stay alive. Furthermore, the death of `good man' can not be something really terrible at all. He can just think about good things and bad things he has already done living in this world. The death can give him a way to immortal life which is the best stage of existing of the mans soul.

Moreover, the most important thing for...

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