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The Essay On "The Journey" By Peter Kreeft. Cover 1 3 Chapters, Analyzing Two Major Themes.

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The JourneyLife is a journey with many crossroads and everyone requires a choice. What we have today is the result of the choice we made in the past. For ages people were standing by milestone of life making their decision which way to go. As wise and curious creatures we always were searching the truth and the meaning of life. In the search of the truth and solving the most important questions we stop by the same milestone and make our own decision so in the future we would not regret about the choice we made.The Journey by Peter Kreeft is lively and entertaining allegory, which takes the reader through mysterious caves and leads to various pathways in the search of the truth. Guided by Socrates and the narrator, reader passes many questions of vital importance and finds their solutions. Together with the narrator we encounter forks in the road. Each fork tempt us false ideas and conception that sounds like the truth, which takes us to perplexity. Together with the narrator we are trying to find out purport and the only truth.In the conversation between Epicurus and the narrator we might see how it is difficult to the author to make his own decision, because the statement of the Epicurus seems to be truth. Epicurus states false dilemmas with a goal to confuse the narrator. It is rather hard to choose between something well known and ignorance. The garden of Epicuruc symbolizes pleasures of human life such as sex and money and the road of Socrates symbolizes something unknown and unexpected. The beautiful flowers at the garden of delights contrast with the sharp stones on the road. But not all that is beautiful and well known leads to the happy life or appear as a solution. Beautiful and careless life is not the meaning of life people search for. We usually disappointed in the chosen way, especially if it is the one, which was known and expected. This dilemma would lead us if we chose another way. To solve this dilemma we should apply some philosophy. Moreover we can't make a choice between philosophy and no philosophy, we should make choice between good and bad philosophy. With a help of philosophy we can make the best decision for ourselves without any regret. Only critical thinking may protect us from imprudent choices we make.In his way of search for the truth narrator meets Protagoras. The statement of Protagoras that truth is something that we believe in and...

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