The Essay Talks About Immirgation Being A Political Issue In Europe And How The Uk And Germany Deal With It

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The Politics of Immigration in EuropeHistorically Europe has been a net exporter of people since the middle ages as the Great Powers expanded into Africa, The Indian subcontinent, and other parts of the world. People moved out in search of wealth and land. The Age of Empires drew to a close and now it is mostly the highly skilled that leave Europe to other developed nations. People all over the world look at the developed nations as either a land of opportunity or safety from persecution & oppression.In the last fifty years the pattern of migration has been inwards towards Europe and increasingly over the two decades the changing demographics have become a major political issue. Each country in Europe has its own views on the issue of immigration. The further east one goes the more relaxed they are as they know that Western Europe is the desired destination of most immigrants. Turkey and Greece are not popular countries for immigration so they serve as rather open gateways into Europe.The first wave of modern immigration into Europe came as former colonials wanted to move to the mother country and various other countries taking in foreign workers in an effort to boost the national economy with what should have been. This essay will draw mostly upon German and British experience with immigration.Each country in Europe has its own culture that has pretty much been in place since the Treaty of Westphalia with a few changes due to peace treaty conditions after major wars.Countries have allowed immigration for a number of reasons firstly that they had no grounds to stop it, that there was a shortfall in certain areas of the labour pool and they were receiving displaced fellow countrymen or skilled artisans. Before World War One there was fairly unrestricted movement of people and capital around the world. Afterwards national borders were more strictly controlled. That's not to say there were not controls on who was allowed into what country. Victorian England had restrictions on how many Chinese could enter into the country .The German countries used a system of guest workers who were to come to Germany for a number of years, work and then return to their home nation. The FDR used Turks, where as the GDR used workers from fellow communist nations even Koreans. The workers were paid wages higher that they would have received at home, the forgien government received a commiosion and the Germans avoided all the long term costs like health, pesnions ad infintum. The system worked fine until the point where the GDR wanted to send the workers back at the end of their tour of duty and the FDR wanted to abolish its guest worker program. In West Germany the courts invoked human rights provisions and in East Germany it looks like they simply forgot to send them back. What should have been a clear cut way of obtaining cheap labour for a fixed term turned into the importation of forgien nationals permantly into the country. The reunification of Germany means...

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