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The Essence Of Building A Strong Brand Identity

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A young Steve Jobs once quipped, that ‘chance to make a memory, is the essence of brand marketing.’

A great brand stands out. It dares to be bold and different, thereby creating innovative products or offering first-rate services that people remember, respect and value. It also has an established reputable brand identity, which sets it apart from other competitions.

Indeed, for a business to prosper and succeed, it needs to build a brand identity that is noticeable, notable and memorable.

Brand Identity Defined

Brand identity is one of the most essential aspects of marketing. Although many people believe that a logo defines the brand identity of a business, the truth is, brand identification is so much more than that.

Other significant facets of brand identity include the printed pieces (e.g., stationeries, brochures, letterheads and manuals), website, product packaging, personality and design (typefaces and colour palettes). In short, a brand identity is the look and feel of a company. It is the physical manifestation of a brand.

Additionally, one vital aspect of brand identity is the flexibility of a business to make changes. The brand must remain recognisable, but should have room for minor adjustments to keep the products or services relevant in the eyes of the consumers.

Importance of Brand Identity

When a company has a strong successful brand identity, the consumers can detect the brand and immediately know what it promises and stands for.

Brand Identity benefits a business in countless ways. An organisation that invests in developing a solid brand identity can insure its longevity in the business. Having a strong brand identity is an indicator that your business is serious about being successful. This is not only attractive to customers, but also in acquiring potential investors and business partners as well as reliable employees.

A business with a strong corporate branding will likely succeed in its endeavour to increase revenue as well as build loyal consumers that can last a...

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