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The Eternity Cure Essay

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C- The main character is Allison. Since this was the second book the author gave no description of her but her personality is the same from the beginning. She had the impression that even though she was a monster and there was no escaping that but she could decide what kind of monster she would be. “I was a monster who killed and preyed on human life; I could never escape that, but at least I could choose what kind of lives I took.”(20) She interacts with other characters with the same belief. She only takes blood when it is necessary and tries to never let the demon take over. She clings to her humanity and is falling for a human who helps her to stay that way.

I- The main idea of this story was for Allison to rescue her sire, Kanin from the clutches of a psychotic, mentally insane vampire who wants revenge for all that Kanin has caused. After getting a group of humans to the one safe place on earth and leaving behind the one she loves she searches for Kanin. Blood calls to Blood and when she finally found the source of that calling she found herself in the one place she thought she would never see again, home. As she searches for her creator inside the walls she finds something even more terrifying than the crazy vampire, a new plague, even deadlier than before because it is toxic to humans and vampires alike.

“Too good to be dragged down by that darkness” (20) denotative- too good of a person to be punished with her hardships connotative- dark and mysterious
“unerring sense of knowing” (21) denotative- know for sure, absolutely positive about something connotative- suspenseful, as if something big is about to happen
“A huge swarm of spindly, emaciated creatures crowded the fence line.” (24) denotative- rabbids have surrounded the fence connotative- huge spiders, creepy, dread, and defeated
“sauntered towards me” (30) denotative- a leisurely walk towards the narrator connotative- suspense, unsafe as if everything is not going as planned
“track the wrong lead” (31) denotative- the narrator has chosen to go the wrong way and now regrets choosing this path connotative- regret and despair, as if the plan has...

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