The Moral Effects Of Abortion Essay

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Statistics have shown that 1.21 million abortions happen each year; however, having an abortion may lead to serious side effects such as abdominal pain, cramps, and even internal bleeding. Having an abortion could be a life or death situation; before having an abortion, you should really choose wisely. In fact most people have a really hard time on making the big decision. This paper will provide you more information about the moral affects of abortions.
Unfortunately, all states do not have laws for legalization of abortions within their jurisdictions. However many people feel that abortions should be legal in all states. This is based upon the fact that if a woman gets raped, she shouldn’t be forced to keep the child under those conditions. There are very strong debates that still continue to exist on legalization on the legal option of abortions becoming legal. Also the U.S Supreme Court decision was based on Roe v Wade in 1973. Roe v Wade was a case held in 1973 in which Supreme Court legalized abortion. “(Roe v Wade”)
There are some proponents’ that believe that it should not be left to the government to decide whether or not abortions should be legal in all states or a religious preference. The argument includes the safety of women getting legal abortions. Even though the Supreme Court ruling in 1973 which gave women a right to have an abortion became law in 19 states.
After all, abortions became legal in only 30 states. In addition, the moral effects of abortions have risen in the past years. Another reason that women should be able to have abortions is in case the mothers are too young and unable to take care of their babies. Unwanted pregnancies can be very stressful for women. Therefore, if women think they are not capable enough to give their babies a good life then it is right for them to have abortions. For example, one of my friends was pregnant when she was 16. She and her baby's father were still in high school at that time. Neither had a job and they knew that they could not afford to buy food and provide medical care for their baby. My friend got an abortion, even though it was the hardest decision of her life. She knew that it would be better, however, for her own life and because she could not properly take care of the baby. (“Should Abortions Be Legal”)
Therefore, I believe that women have the right to have abortions. First, women have the right to control their own bodies. Second, they have the right to have abortions if the pregnancies will affect their health and their babies’ health in a harmful way. Third, women have the right to have abortions if they have been raped. Also, advocates of abortion believe...

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