The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Essay

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I believe in the ethical treatment for all animals is an ethical obligation by all humans. We have come to an era that we believe that all humans should be treated equally and fairly. Well, what about our other living, breathing counterparts? They deserve to live their life as they choose in quality and in the pursuit of happiness. Just as Europeans came and took over Northern America's land and resources on the Indians. We have also taken over the land and resources from all of the animals.

The moral point of view in the killing of animals for food as an indulgence which is not a necessity for our diet is killing another living being. Eating large amount of meat without any vegetarian choice causes constipation, obesity and cancer. The consequences of not eating meat would be healthy diets which keep humans lean without complications of disease.

Shocking stories of greed, neglect, and inhumane treatment of animals in the slaughterhouses of the meat industry are enough to arouse anyone's sentiments. We have just an obligation to protect them as we do to protect each other. To read the numerous stories on these unethical animal accounts visit the People for the ethical treatment of animals (PETA) website. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 2003)

Darwin stated that our notions of equality and justice are biased; and that an unbiased view of equality would imply that if there exists something called the right to life, animals too have it, and hence non-vegetarians is immoral because it involves killing. Discrimination in history has always been acted upon the oppressed. The animals are incapable of demanding their own liberation, or of protesting against their conditions with votes. Can we prove our altruism by ending our ruthless exploitation of other species in our power?

The Sixth Commandment of Moses, "Thou shall not kill", and in Genesis it is said, "To man and all creatures wherein is a living soul." Those who belief in these statements in the Bible means that every time they eat meat and an animal is killed for food a sin...

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