The Ethical Use Of The Life Attitude Schedule

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One of the leading causes of deaths in adolescents and young adults is suicide. The leading cause of death is accidents. Many that do not commit suicde have had at least thoughts about it. The Life Attitude Schedule was developed to assess the activities of adolescents and young adults. The tool divides both positive and negative factors in one’s life. The clinical studies identified students that were in the study that were at least. The instrument showed great promise but needed to be more culturally normed to assure diversity. Life Attitude Schedule has grown to meet the questions of ethics. However, still has room to grow.

Life Attitude Schedule
Among teenagers ages 15-19 suicide is the 3rd cause of death (NCHS,2005). According to website it is the second leading cause of death in college students (Caruso, 2011) The other leading causes of death are accidents and homicides. Many who donot commit suicide have thoughts of suicide or have at least thought about it in the past (NCHS,2005). In both high school and college students accidental deaths were the number one cause of death. The conclusion can be drawn that the top causes of death is by participating in risky behavior.
Lewinsohn, (1994) felt that adolescents participation in risk taking behaviors had become a public health concern. These behaviors could possibly be due possible negative feelings of self-worth that lead to risk-taking behaviors( Lewinsohn, 1994).those who did not want to commit suicide could vicariously do so by high risk activities. The Life Attitude Schedule was developed due to the fact that many of the instruments at that time did not address the area of risk-taking and suicide together. There were scales that measured each, but none together. The scale was made up of a broad range of possible risk taking behaviors. The higher the score the higher the risk of suicide. The test itself was divided by life compromising questions and life enhancing questions.
There were six intial versions of the scale. (Lewinsohn, 1994). The Lifetime Attitude Schedule was administered to 757 predominantly Caucasioan students in a northern California high school. The sample was fifty eight percent were female and forty-two percent were males. The age range was 13-18. The second sample was 104 college students needed to do this experiment to receive a grade in a beginning psychology course. The ages ranged from 18-42. The average age was 20.8 years. Seventy-eight percent of the sample were Caucasian, while the rest were a mixture of Asians, African Americans and Hispanic populations. The third sample was of 32 adolescents that were recruited from two other studies. These were all Caucasian and seventy-three percent were female. There was a mean age of 15.3. All of the 32 adolescents had been diagnoised with either depression or dysthymia (Lewinsohn, 1994). ...

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