The Ethics Of Divorce And Re Marriage

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The Ethics of Divorce and Re-Marriage

Divorce is a legal termination of a marriage, leaving the couple free
to remarry who they want. Re-marriage therefore is following a
divorce, when one or both of the couple get married again to new
partners. This is only when both partners have been divorced and are
still alive. I am not sure whether I agree or disagree with this
statement so I am going to look at the two sides of this view and then
I will make my decision.

The Catholic Church is fully against divorce and does not accept it in
any circumstances. If you were to get divorced, the Catholic Church
would not recognise it and would still see the couple as married. They
see divorce as a grave offence against the natural law and immoral as
it introduces disorder into the family and society. Re-marriage is
therefore seen as permanent adultery as the Church still sees them as
married. Most other Christian Churches also say this about divorce.
The Church of England does not accept divorce and teaches that
marriage if for life and the Orthodox Church teaches that wedding vows
are taken with every intention of being kept but there are times when
they cannot be kept.

There are some common reasons of why people decide to divorce. One of
these is that the couple simply fall out of love. This can easily
happen as feelings can change and they may feel that they just do not
have the same feelings for each other anymore. The Catholic Church’s
view on this is that the couple should seek counselling and marriage
guidance to sort their marriage out. This may be a good enough reason
but would it really be enough to help the couple realise why they got
married in the first place. The other side of the argument is that
should God expect you to stay married to a person you don’t fully love
anymore. It would be a lie and a waste staying married to someone who
you didn’t want to be with anymore.

Another reason for divorce is because of adultery in a marriage. This
is just seen as looking at someone else in an inapproiate way and this
quite harsh as it is very hard for some people not to look at someone
in that way. Some people believe, including the Catholic Church that
the partner should forgive the person and maybe take the problem to
counselling and marriage guidance. This could be sorted out by the
married couple simply communicating with each other and talking about

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