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The Ethics Of Gift Giving In The Pharmaceutica Industry: Annotated Bibliography

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Question: Is Gift Giving In The pharmaceutical Industry Ethical or Unethical?

In the Pharmaceutical Industry an ethical dilemma has arise over the years of gift giving from the drug companies to the doctors they encounter during their drug promotion visits. The medical sales consultants influence doctors to purchase their drugs and other medical items by giving them prestigious gifts to intrigue them to choose their company over their competitors. The purpose of my studies is to analyze gift giving in the industry and determine if the action is ethical or unethical. My data was compiled between February-March 20014, and consisted of four sources, which are all website articles ...view middle of the document...

Averil suggested that it is unethical to accept the gifts because it violates the new codes of conduct policy that has been put into place and accepting the gifts are not benefiting the patients because it is not serving the educational purpose. In the end Averil believes that the dilemma behind gift giving can be solve by “Having the personal integrity to recognize your own human nature and by using drugs that benefit your patients without sacrificing your personal integrity” (Averill).

Sarah Averill believes that gift giving in the pharmaceutical industry influences physicians prescribing habits, which causes her angle of vision to be that gift giving is unethical. Averill works in the hospital, which allows her to see and hear hands on how the physicians feel about gift giving. This article helped with my research question because it provided me with information on why gift giving can be seen as unethical and has various evidence that helped defend Averill’s claim. The article is well written, and arguments are creditable intaking the author’s credentials. The strengths of this article are that it provided various evidence to support the claim, it was well written, it contain true events that happened that allows the readers to feel emotions, it deals with my research question directly, and it goes into great detail on the topic. The weakness of the article: bias, could have provided more information, only gives her personal opinion, and also could have elaborated a little more on her points.

Second Bibliographic Citation:
Irwin, Judith. "How Corporate Gift-giving Can Be Ethical." Business Strategy. Ethical Corporation, 18 Dec. 2012. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. .

Rhetorical Situation:
Judith Irwin wrote this website article December 18, 2012, for the purpose of providing information on how gift giving can be seen as ethical. The targeted audience are workers in the Pharmaceutical industry.

In “How Corporate Gift-giving Can Be Ethical" , Judith Irwin, senior researcher at the Institute of Business Ethics, claimed that gift giving in the pharmaceutical industry is ethical if you can distinguish between what constitutes a gift as hospitality and what constitutes it as a bribe. She stated that “a meal out with a supplier can help build a relationship: a pen with your firm’s name on it can remind a customer of you when they need a quote”. (Irwin). Here, Irwin is showing the audience how gift giving is necessary to build relationships with the physicians and can help promote the drug. In order to keep gift giving ethical you need to know the expectation of the gift, who the gift is for, and know your company's policy on gift giving. If the gift is given to the physicians in expectation that they favor the company then it is unethical to receive the gift. If the gift is given to an individual and can not be reciprocate then it is not...

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