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The Ethics Of Potions Essay

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The Ethics of Potions:

Potions, like most things in life have pros and cons, what are these and how do they affect the average 1st year potions student?

I will organize this essay by beginning with a basic history of the connotations of potions, then branching in to their dangers, their necessity and finding the balance when using potions.

Potions under correct, good and honest use can be of great help and perhaps save many a life. Yet we must be careful and vigilant to ensure that students understand the necessity of good morals and ethics, even on the basic level of a wart removal potion.

1. Connotations:

Potions have long had many negative connotations in the muggle world. Going back ...view middle of the document...

If not done under sensible, well meaning and moral circumstances, this has serious consequences.

The area of capability potions poses many dangers to the rash wizard or muggle:

“...capability potions are some of the most sought-after potions because they make it possible to do things that most humans never dream of doing.” [2]

Every one has basic instincts. These instincts can misguiding under circumstances that involve higher cognitive ability in moral judgment. Humans often rely on basic instants and in a world of advance sciences, mathematics and even magic, it can be hard to strike a balance of instincts and brains.

Imagine in a fight or flight situation, what if you could make your self stronger or braver? What if in that situation your fear helped you to run to the police and with a potion you decided to be "brave" and ended up dead or killing someone else? There are serious ethical decisions involved whenever you create a potion.

There is an innate problem with potions. They are not natural to basic human abilities. Humans, especially those with darker tendencies, need to slowly acclimate to power and above average abilities.

3. Their usefulness:

In the magical world potions may be said to have less ethical objections than the dark arts or unforgivable curses.

Potions do many wonders like help the sick or helping the awkward out of tricky situations. The ability to heal a...

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