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The European Election 2014 In Poland

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Party campaign programs and slogans
In 2004 Poland was the country that entered the European Union for the first time after many years of struggle. Year after year it became an important influence in Eastern Europe. On May 25th 2014 it had to prove again that its citizens care about Europe and will choose the best possible 51 MEPs that will represent their nation with dignity. Although previous Eurobarometersurveys have showed that Poles remain among the most avid EU enthusiasts, the European Parliament election turnout in the past did not exceed 30% with 20.9% in 2004 and 24.53% in 2009. This made Poland’s turnout only higher than Slovakia’s among all the European nations. This year as ...view middle of the document...

The National Movement party(RuchNarodowy) had “Radical Change” as their catchphrase for the elections to the European Parliament. Their program was based on changes in job taxation and the liquidation of the Social Insurance Institution, as well as support for Polish exports. The movement also wanted to deal with the pension system. "The current system is unfair and has a caste character(...) This problem must be solved by the cutting sword" ("Obecny system jest niesprawiedliwyi ma charakterkastowy (...) Ten problem trzebarozwiązaćcięciemmiecza") – can be read in the program of the party. The National Movement wanted to encourage family-friendly policies by introducing a tax-free amount of money for each child so that the nation could be a ‘family of families’, as preached by the Primate of the Millennium." Another important goal of the party was to change the tax system. The National Movement announced the introduction of turnover tax for corporations and lower rates for small businesses. The movement in their program had also postulated "to stop thievery," which is to ensure full transparency of public spending and reduce bureaucracy. Additionally, the party advocated the restoration of a strong army by increasing the number of troops and retrofitted units. The prospective MEPs also intended to reject the Climate and Energy Package of the EU, which, in their opinion, is killing the Polish industry. Moreover, the Nationalists wanted to renegotiate the rules guiding Poland’s presence in the EU and to take off the soil from the free international market because it mainly serves the Poles as a way to cultivate their agriculture, which is the foundation of the national economy. Also, they wanted to denounce the Treaty of Lisbon. The program of the National Movement also wanted to stop the propaganda of homosexuals and gender ideology.
The program of the Democratic Left Alliance and the Labour Union (Koalicja SLD-UP) is a manifesto of the Party of European Socialists. According to the manifest, the most important goal is to fight unemployment. "Creating jobs is the overriding determinant of all of our activities during the next five years"- says the document. The Coalition announcedsupport for innovation, research and training, in order to stimulate the economy. But economic freedom, according to the program, must go hand in hand with social assistance. "We will fight for a Europe that does not leave anyone behind" ("Będziemywalczyć o Europę, któraniezostawianikogobezpomocy") – can be read in the program. The coalition also announced the fight for gender equality. SLD and UP also ensured a battle for food safety and the security of personal data as well as the protection of the environment. "The EU must again become a world leader in the protection of nature and natural resources and the fight against pollution and climate change" - the manifesto says.
The biggest threat to the Civic Platform party (PlatformaObywatelska, PO) is the Law and...

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