The European Union As A Model For Globalization

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The world is becoming a smaller community through technological advances and international travel opportunities that make communication and interaction with others around the world a common occurrence. Some world leaders envision a global community that would lead to a one-world-order to include government and commerce. Globalization has been on the rise but is not shared and accepted by all. Nationalism continues to play a significant part in international interactions. With its goal of European unification for economic and political voice, the European Union (EU) can be used as a model for globalization. This paper will consider if using the EU as a model is a valid argument.

Globalism, Nationalism, and Cosmopolitanism
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the first known use of the world globalization was in 1951 (Globalization, n.d.) so we may think of globalization as a modern concept but at its basic level of international trade globalization has been part of the world’s economic make-up for centuries.
Archeologists have found evidence of trade between different groups of people as far back as 9000-8000 B. C. with written records of “economic interchange across political borders…back to almost 3000 B. C. (Rourke, 2008, p. 380). Merchants seeking broader markets for their products and new locations for the raw materials needed for their merchandise are given partial credit for the decline and abandonment of the feudal ruling system (Rourke, 2008). According to Rourke (2008) the idea of globalization today includes international trade, international law, and international politics “across national boundaries” (p. G57). To be successful as a blending of economic and political agendas it cannot show favorites, it must be without regard to cultural or national differences. Hardcore nationalism has no place in the globalization process.
According to Rourke (2008) the most important way people have identified themselves politically for five centuries is through nationalism (p. 102). Nations are formed when people who “share demographic and cultural similarities [who identify themselves] as a group distinct from other groups and want to control themselves politically” (p. 103) band together in a national political identity which has “a soul, a spiritual quality” (Rourke, 2008, p. 103). Feelings of nationalism can be very intense and difficult to put aside because of this. For the concept of globalization to continue to spread and grow nationalistic feelings must be tempered with cosmopolitan ideals.

Nationalism versus Cosmopolitanism
In the article “Nationalism, Patriotism, and Cosmopolitanism in an Age of Globalization” author Robert Audi (2009) identifies different levels of nationalism and cosmopolitanism and how they can affect globalization. Audi categorizes nationalism and cosmopolitanism as being extreme, moderate, and minimal.
Audi (2009) encapsulates extreme nationalists as those would say “my country right or wrong” (p....

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