The European Union Is It A Failure?

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A overview of the European Union it's workings, problems etc. -IntroductionEurope made up more than 30 countries and even more distinct cultures; it is now trying to adjust to new economic systems throughout the world. Today with the trend toward big trading blocks like: N.A.F.T.A. or G.N.A.T.T. Europe is trying to advance it's old Trading block called the European Economic Community (EEC) to become the European Union. The current membership of 15 country's is ruled by one European Parliament. Under the E.U. each country will be under one currency called the Euro dollar (which is to come into effect on January 1st of 1999), one central banking system, and will be regulated with the same set of laws. In effect the country's of the E.U. will eventually become one. The way to a unified Europe is not a easy one; problems caused by countries unwilling to give up their sovereignties, and by countries afraid of the new Union continually slow it's progress.Problems Facing the European UnionSovereignty or Unity?This raises many conflicts with Europeans. For thousands of years Europe has been torn time and again by wars which were largely fueled by ethnic or religious differences. Today however Europeans are asked to put aside their differences and become one. With nationalism still strong throughout Europe many people are strongly against the E.U. Analysts strongly suggest, however, that the E.U. is the only way Europe can improve it's economy. Unemployment in most of Europe is running above 10 percent and countries like Germany and France are suffering from net investment outflows, European economies are groaning under the weight of rigid regulation, high labor costs, high taxes and generous social services that have become too expensive to sustain. Meanwhile, labor protests are on the rise, companies cut costs and governments try to slash budget deficits.ExpansionThe E.U. causes another major problem for Europe and the rest of the world that is the expansion of the Union. Countries from the former Warsaw Pact are eager to join the European Union but Russia is opposing that move because of their xenophobic fears. This poses an new question for the world; Are the satellite countries of the former Soviet Union truly sovereign states or are they still puppet states controlled by Russia? The view today has to different sides: the European, who are willing to accept Warsaw Pact states into NATO and the E.U. given they meet the requirements; And the U.S. policy which is against any expansion of NATO or the E.U. into the countries in question.The European Union?The European Union is the name of the organization for the countries that have decided to co-operate on a great number of areas, ranging from a single market economy, foreign policy's, same sets of environmental laws, mutual recognition of school diplomas, to exchange of criminal records are among the few (The E.U. is roughly similar in working to the United States of America. The states being Countries...

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