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The European Union Is A Strong And Powerful Organization

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The European Union is certainly one of the most powerful and organized organisations in the world, nowadays, it regroups about 500 millions people all over 28 countries in the European continent. On the contrary a very strange structure and some political and economical arrangements were done during the past years making the EU law sometime confusing and frustrating for some other countries. During this essay we will explain how the European Union is structured, explaining the most important institutions and how these institutions interact with each other knowing that sometimes exceptions are made for someone’s and not for others. Creating problem between parties. The aim of this essay is to understand the EU structure and assess how the EU laws are applied to such an organisation. We will answer the two questions basing our research and work on “Law for business students“ written by Alix Adams and some other resources as well.
The parliament
The European Parliament shares a legislative and budgetary power with the Council of the Union. Elected by the Parliament in 2012 (17th of June) the speaker is Martin Schulz (S&D). The parliament counts 766 members who are elected every five years by universal suffrage (the people) and members are sited according to their political affiliation.
They represent about 380 million people (one of largest democratic election all over the world) and as the only directly elected body of the European Union.

The Councils
Firstly, the councils are composed by two very different councils; “The Council of ministers” and the “European council”, these two have a similar name but are completely different.
The “The Council of ministers” is composed of 28 national ministers (one per each country), but its composition varies depending on the topic of the meetings. For example, if agriculture is at the agenda, the Council of Agriculture Ministers will be present. They represent their government and are accountable to their country of origin.
The presidency changes twice a year and it is between the heads of each states or the heads of the government (member states).
Whereas the “European council” was born from an agreement between community leaders to keep a regular and high standard meeting that became in 1974 “the European council”. The meeting was informal until the Article 2 of the European Act and the Article 4 of the Maastricht treaty were stipulating that the meeting had to be held at least twice a year with the aim of bringing major community issues in a different atmosphere compared to the “The Council of ministers”
European Commission
The Commission is the executive body of the Union. There is a body of representatives per state (27 commissioners) organized so as to be independent of national interests. The body is the origin of the European Union law and the monopoly of legislative initiative in the territories of the former Community structure. It is responsible for the daily activities of the Union and has the...

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