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Imagine living in Los Angeles and being afraid every night that an unknown man could break in rip your family apart. There were many prolific serial killers throughout the seventies and eighties that struck fear in many people. In that time only one man was terrorizing the greater Los Angeles area. In the span of one year from June 28, 1984 until August 24, 1985 Richard Ramirez killed sixteen people going as far as seventy six miles south of Los Angeles. He was known as the “Night Stalker”.
Richard Ramirez was born on February 29, 1960 in El Paso, Texas; his father’s name was Julian. His father Julian was a railway worker, and formerly a policeman in Juarez, Mexico (Richard Ramirez). His mother’s name is Mercedes, she worked in a boot making factory while pregnant with Richard. At the boot factory they used chemicals that are now know to cause problems with pregnancies. She was mixing the chemicals benzene, xylene, and toluene (Prolific Killers). When he was 2 he received 30 stitches after a dresser had fell on him. Then again when he was 5 he was knocked unconscious by a swing set. From these two incidents Ramirez developed epilepsy suffering grand mal seizures (Prolific Killers). These are the types of seizures that you picture when you hear the word seizure. They have violent muscle spasms and loss of consciousness. When he was a kid his cousin Mike came back from Vietnam. His cousin Mike was a special forces Green Beret. When Richard and Mike started to hang out Mike would show him what he did in Vietnam. Mike bragged about all the men and women he killed, and he would show Richard pictures to prove so (prolific Killers). He had pictures of decapitated heads of women. He also showed Richard pictures of himself raping and killing the Vietnamese women (Richard Ramirez). At first Richard was probably shocked by all the photos Mike had shown him, yet after a while he had have grown accustomed to the photos. Mike had also taught some combat skills he learned from his training. He showed him things like how to take someone out quickly and effectively (Katherine Rimsland). At 13 Richard saw what probably made him finally snap. He witnessed a domestic argument between Mike and his wife. When the argument got really heated Mike went and got a gun and then shot and killed her. At trial Mike was ruled temporarily insane and spent time in a mental institution (Prolific Killers). This could have been the turning point for Richard. At this point he started to really change. This is the time when Richard started to sleep in cemeteries. When he was 18 he moved to California; in his adult life prior to him killing he had a record of relatively minor crimes. At this time he also began worshiping Satan. Before the killings Richard was known to steal cars (Katherine Rimsland). He would probably use the stolen cars to get money so that he could support his drug habit.
The first killing was on June 28, 1984. The woman was...

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