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The Events And Impact Of The Seven Years War

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The Seven Years War was best known to those in American history as the French and Indian war. In reality, the war was much larger in scope and devastation in relation to the simple name given to it. Lasting from 1756-1763, the Seven Years War involved much of the imperial powers of that time: Prussia, England, and Portugal on one side with France, Spain, and Austria on the other. Spurred by competition for land and territory, the war implicated the two world powers, Britain and France, in a fateful battle for dominance. The period also saw the rise of important figures such as George Washington and Benedict Arnold that would later be instrumental in the American Revolution. Yet the ...view middle of the document...

The new, more radical leaders were now able to organize a more focused attack against their enemy.
One of the most critical battles on land during the war was the capture of Quebec in 1759. In the battle, General James Wolfe tried to capture the city which at the time was under the control of General Marquis de Montcalm. After many failed attempts to take the city, Wolfe felt pressured. With the coming winter, the army could not risk waiting until the following spring.4 With only days left before the harsh winter, General Wolfe then mounted a surprise attack in the dead of night, painting their faces black and scaling the walls to capture the city above. Both General Montcalm and Wolfe would later die from wounds inflicted from the battle. Battles like this were common, such as the victory in the Battle of Plassey in India which solidified British presence in the Indian region.5 The battle of Plassey took place in a remote mango field with 30,000 French and Indian troops taking on a much smaller force of about 3,000 Redcoats and Sepoys.6 Victory was achieved by the British as they killed the leading French commander in the heat of battle. The ensuing chaos that followed led to the routing of the remaining French army. This significant battle exemplified the military might that would become the British Empire and laid the foundation for a new India under the English crown. Under the British, India would undergo intense industrialization and be dubbed “the crown jewel of the British Empire.”7 The large subcontinent was now turned into a very valuable asset that expanded the extent of the British Empire due to the outcome of the Seven Years War.
The war ultimately ended with the treaty of Paris in 1763 which granted many new land rights to the victors in the war. The French lost land in India, North America, and Louisiana.8 All the while, England won holdings in the Americas and the Indian Ocean. This was significant as it greatly broadened the formidable size of the British Empire and further strengthened the ties of imperialism in the known world.9 With the eastern side of Canada now under their control, the English treated it as an addition to the thirteen colonies. Since there was a lot of money to be made, the English left a governor to preside over the newly acquired territory.10 This was a similar case in India as well, for the British sought to exploit the cotton production and spice trade of the area. They organized a state run company called the East India Trading Company to maximize efficiency and trade between their dominions. With this new land under control of the British Crown, the world power had suddenly shifted drastically to one side and left other countries floundering in the wake of the war. The might of the British Empire now had colonies all around the globe and emerged as a single superpower.11 In the new lands that had been acquired, the period of British reign marked a new time of colonialism and growth in their...

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