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The Events That Caused The Civil War.

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History, throughout the course of time is arguably based on the concept of "cause and effect"; from the triumph of the early civilizations, to the fall of the Romans, to the Industrial Revolution, to the exploitation of the Worker, to the Colonization era, to Slavery and even the American Civil War, are all "effects" that successeded a "cause. The events that eventually led to the American Civil War were basically over the core argument over the balance of power between the Northern (free) and Southern (slave) states, these events were marked with extreme divisiveness and eventually violence. Many events lead to the American Civil War, but the more direct and influential ones being the Missouri Compromise, Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Dred Scott Decision. All three of these events respectively fueled the conflict. The Missouri compromise was the first issue to pose a conflict with the balance of power between North and South which in turn led to the other events. Since slavery was scapegoated, the novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' by Harriet Beecher Stowe touched the humaine side of the white aboloshinists. The Dred Scott Decision was quintessential in leading to the Civil War because it turned back the clock on the seemingly positive progress made by the past compromises.The institution of slavery had been a divisive issue in the United States for years before Missouri petitioned Congress for admission to the Union as a state in 1818. Since the Revolution, the country had grown from a mere 13 states to 22 and had managed to maintain a balance of power between slave and Free states. But when Missouri wanted to be admitted into the Union as a state they debate arose as to weather admit it was a free state or as a slave state. Even though Missouri had a large slave population the north wanted Missouri to be a free state because they wanted a favorable representation while the south wanted the opposite also for favorable representation and increased profit since the south's revenue was due to slaves. The debate went on for years until Maine petitioned congress to be a state in 1820. A compromise had been reached; both states were admitted into the union, Maine as a Free State and Missouri as a slave state. Thus maintaining the balance in power. The Missouri compromise was only a partially successful compromise because it steeled the issue of representation to an extent by maintaining a balance but in the long run it didn't work out as planned. Parts of the compromise were eventually deemed unconstitutional; the compromise also just prolonged and maybe even magnified the inevitable Civil War."Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe, portrayed the lives of slaves in the South as gruesome, horrendous, inhumane and hypocritically Harriet portrayed the slaves as being oppressed and exploited. The response to this novel was extraordinary, the White abolitionists and the people in the North that cared about the issue of slavery but...

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1185 words - 5 pages extremely offended and angered by Sumner’s comments. This caused Brooks to use his cane and attack Sumner who was practically killed by his injuries. In 1857 a case was brought to court by a slave. Dred Scott was a slave in a free state and was trying to gain his freedom. Scott ended up losing his case (Kelly, Martin."Top 9 Events That Led to Civil War."). In 1858 and 1859 two new states were added to the Union. Minnesota joined the United

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