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The Ever Changing Game Of Life: The Andy Griffith Show

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I Jumped into the car and quickly put on my seatbelt and started the car. I pulled out of my driveway and drove very quickly to school. I arrived at school and quickly jogged to the building where my class was held. About running into the classroom I had just barely made it to class on time. I did not want to be late to class because I paid for these classes and I did not want to pay for something that I am not learning anything from.
However, this is just one example of how life has become so much faster. I have also noticed the influx of fast-food chains not only in my area but everywhere you turn there seems to be one. I am not helping this cause by any means. I am a pretty cheap person, however this year between driving from work to school and everywhere else I have really been using these quick places to get food. This is terrible, I should either wait until I get home, pack my own lunch or even try a new place and actually sit down and eat. By just hovering through life and doing the same routine every day I am literally boring myself and not experiencing what life truly has to offer. This is how are society has progressed however and being in this time this is how I am moving as well. Personally I enjoy an ever so advancing population, why would you want to be stuck doing the same thing over and over?
Life is so much faster than it was in the past. Today there people and even me seem to moving a lot faster and do not sit down to soak in what is occurring around us. Today, we have so many different media sources and other technology at our disposal that we are actually not experiencing anything. I am not the only one that thinks like this, there are many others that feel the same way. According to Dennis Hensley a MSNBC contributor “By not missing out on anything… kids are totally missing out.” This shows us that technology and other media sources has allowed for people to continue this fast-pace lifestyle. Not only are many people seeing the effects what technology is doing to our society but they too are also seeing the effects of fast-food as well. “Gone are the days when a family sits down to meal together and talks about their day or how each other are doing” (Reischman). The concept of “fast-food” is completely altering how society views their dinner time. Nowadays many people do not even sit at a table to eat their dinner, let alone talk about their day to others. Society is always moving forward and does not always wait for everyone.
Not everyone thinks this way however. Some people still believe that having a sit down meals with family, and having a very tight nit town is still the normal of society. Many of these people believe that a television show such as The Andy Griffith Show would be a good representation of normal. According to Ed Bell a writer in The Composition of Everyday Life says that the Andy Griffith Show is just that normal. He states that this is what life is like and how it should be. “What’s most comforting...

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