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The Ever Evolving Superweed Essay

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This article shifted my understanding because it explained how much resistance weeds have gained due to of the use of GM crops and encouraged me to investigate further into the rise and existence of the super weeds. The article explained that farmers are having to use more herbicides and spend more money because of the increase in weed resistance; when GM crops were initially meant to deplete the problem (Pieper). After realizing this, I started to dwell on the fact that these GM crops weren't effectively completing the tasks they were meant for, and instead more chemicals were having to be used on those weeds; this is where I started to grow concern for human health (Pieper). I don't ...view middle of the document...

This information helped me understand how the GM crop process works, it is meant to make farming more efficient and reduce the time it takes for farmers to control weeds among their fields easily (Case). It also helped me address the constraint that many Americans don't realize their food is being sprayed with the same chemicals that kill off weeds. It’s important to share this information because a lot of Americans do not understand this process and may not realize that they are consuming produce covered in roundup herbicides.
I developed a stronger argument after learning this process, because after reading further into the article, and connecting it back to my other sources, I put together that the GM crops Monsanto has been providing are becoming useless over time, because weeds are cross breeding with the crops and are consistently developing resistance to the roundup herbicide, thus causing farmers to spend more money and apply more herbicides to their crops, which will inevitably continue with each growing season (Case). From here I changed my thesis to state more specifically: US farmers should not invest in GM seeds because these GM crops can cross pollinate with weeds and cause further issues for farmers. At this point I was still unclear on how resistance was built and needed to look to other sources to help me comprehend the development of this resistance.
The next source I referred to was “Rise of the Superweeds" written by Mara Grunbaum and published in March of 2011 in Discover Magazine. I chose to use this article because it helped me to clarify the roundup ready concept. According to the article, Monsanto developed the roundup ready seeds for farmers to lighten their workload and increase yield (Grunbaum). The GM seeds are meant to resist roundup and roundup only, so when farmers do crop dust their fields, they are supposed to use this single herbicide on the crop because it’s the only herbicide the roundup ready crop will resist (Grunbaum). I learned from the article that using only one herbicide repeatedly on a set of weeds...

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