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The Ever Lasting Sweden Essay

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The Ever-Flourishing Sweden
Sweden is a flourishing country. That can be demonstrated through its economy, politics, and human-environment interaction. With the country ranked number 20 in the world, Sweden and its people hope to continue to flourish and trend higher due to its ever increasing success in the aforementioned areas.
The economy in Sweden has rallied and continues to flourish for many reasons. Sweden has the 4th best economy in the European Union and based on statistics, Sweden has more monetary, business, financial, and investment freedom than the U.S. and the world average. This is due in large part to its free market and the way in which the country has successfully ...view middle of the document...

Sweden’s political impact is a driving force behind the success of the country as seen in recent years, and this political framework has been a model for many countries trying to achieve the same goals for positive change. To begin with the rise of government has been slowed and has reversed during the past years, allowing Sweden to return to free market policies. Sweden has a parliamentary democracy giving every Swedish person the same rights, the same opportunity, and the freedom of speech. Furthermore, the government function is split into 2 parts. There is the official government consisting of only a few people, and the Riksdag. The Riksdag is where all of the rules and decisions are made; and the other for enforcement; it is made up of 349 people and this party is Sweden’s primary representative forum that offers balance of the people’s rights. An example of one of Sweden’s policies, viewed as successful by other countries, is its laws pertaining to drugs. Sweden’s drug policy, which aims for a ‘drug-free society’ with a zero tolerance foundation, makes drug use among the population considerably lower than in the rest of Europe. For example, people can be made to take drug tests on suspicion of drug use, and if they are caught with drugs can be forced into treatment for up to six months whether they are drug-dependent or not. Thirdly, Sweden’s expanding political system creates its policy in support of the individual, such as property rights, free markets and the fair rule of law, in combination with the government supporting and providing well-educated workforce, has created an environment in which Sweden enjoyed a sustained growth and development. The social democracy of Sweden promotes the welfare of this people and is truly a strong and invincible government by the people for the people.
Environmentally, Sweden strives to be pollution free, and those continued advancements are seen in their sprouting environment. During Sweden’s last Ice Age in 6,000 B.C., Swedes worked hard to keep the environment as healthy as possible. This time period left the coastline with many streams, rivers, and islands which they have used to their advantage. Swedish people are constantly interacting with their environment to keep it clean and healthy for the generations to come. Swedes recycle 99% of the time, reusing the...

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