The Evil Farmer Brown Tries To Take Over The Temperate Grasslands

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Somewhere in Kansas, there were two close friends, Benny the Bird and Billy the Bison. They lived in the temperate grasslands, which cover much of the Great Plains. Kansas is where the friends resided most of the time, and the soil there is the most fertile out of all the biomes. The friends typically received thirty eight to seventy six centimeters of precipitation, and the average temperature ranged from negative six degrees Celsius to twenty-six degrees Celsius. Benny and Billy’s lives were simple and there was no one around to irk them, except Corey the Coyote. Their view was luscious, green grass, puffy, white clouds, and the light blue sky. Next, the most common plant in the plains ...view middle of the document...

Right then, Billy had an idea. He had a friend, Carrey the Cow, who happened to be in many children’s books. He was a legitimate fighter and was one of the cows that fought for electric blankets. He knew and respected Farmer Brown especially well until the farmer became the evil person he is currently. One day, while in his barn, Carrey overheard Farmer Brown yelling orders at the cows. Carrey decided he was tired of it, so he escaped to the luscious, tall, green grass of the prairies.
“Benny,” said Billy, “If Carrey unites with us, we will know all about Farmer Brown and have all of his secrets.”
“That’s a great idea!” exclaimed Benny.”
The next morning, the two pals trotted over to Carrey’s contemporary barn in the prairie. They explained to him their dilemma, and Carrey was determined to help out. He said that he would jeopardize his freedom by meeting with Farmer Brown because the farmer probably would not let him go after the meeting. That afternoon, he trotted out into the field and yelled so that Farmer Brown could hear him. “Stop this nonsense!” shrieked Carrey. Farmer Brown was stunned to see his lost cow glaring at him out in the field.
“There you are.” Said Farmer Brown in an annoyed voice. “You’ve cost me so...

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