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The Evil Of Information Essay

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News companies have always had a strong sway over public opinions, and this influence has never been more powerful than it is today. In today’s globalized economy, there is no longer any excuse for being uninformed about the latest events. News companies now have more power then they ever had before. These companies have the job of delivering unbiased news, but the definition of unbiased varies depending on the country. Articles that are supposed to be unbiased often have a strong underlying bias towards the common beliefs of the country that the article will be published in. This bias has the ability to sway the reader’s opinions and judgment. A great example of this ability, is how two of the worlds most powerful leaders are portrayed, the President of the Untied States, Barack Obama, and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Both leaders are well liked in their respective countries, but due to feeble Untied States and Russian relationships, both leaders are villainized by there opposing county, specifically in the media. Using the example of Putin vs. Obama, world media could be considered an evil to society, due to its ability to sway public opinions in negative directions.
Feeble Untied States and Russian relationships can be blamed on war and other acts of destruction. The Cold War was an arms race to the bottom between The Soviet Union, which encompassed Russia, and the Untied States. Each country had to have the biggest and best weapons in order to prevent war. Ever since the Cold War, the relationship between Russia and the United States has been rocky. Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia, the former Soviet Union. Putin is well liked, with popularity ratings in the 80% range (Adomanis). President Barack Obama is the current president of the United States, the first African American president; Obama led the Democratic Party to victories in both 2008 and 2012. He has remained a respected figurehead of the United States. In his first campaign, Obama pledged to attempt to have closer ties with Russia, which due to the current situation, has been a fruitless endeavor.
A working relationship between the two countries had been found, up until recently. A former occupied territory in the former Soviet Union, Ukraine, is a country divided. Parts of the country are ethnic Russian’s who have been alienated from their homeland, while others are ethnic Ukrainians. These two groups have always had tension between them. These tensions came to light recently, as the country is currently facing a civil war between the two groups. The ethnic Russian’s want to return to their homeland, while the ethnic Ukrainians want closer economic ties with the European Union. The country has dissolved into a war between the Ukrainian army and armed militants. While this conflict was beginning, Russia quickly captured Crimea, which houses one of Russia’s largest naval bases. The occupation of another countries territory angered the United States and has...

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