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The Evolution In Computer Science Essay

1862 words - 8 pages

1 . Introduction 2.
2 . Problem 2
3 . The main idea 2
4 . Basic algorithm : 4
5 . Design of the program and explained : 4
6 . Error messages : 8

1 . Introduction

The evolution in computer science , especially in the quality of software , and shift programs to facades and windows (User Interface), making those programs that do not work this way back down to the back and at least use it and over it became some users abandon those programs and looking for Alternative .
This development was not immune to the translators , but became the success of any programming language is linked to the existence of an integrated environment supports language and facilitate the work of the programmer and make him focus on his problem , without getting into the intricacies of the translator. The companies are racing in this area , and perhaps Microsoft and Borland have had a lion's share in this area and still control condemn them . This is evidence of the importance of translators .
This edition differs from its predecessor of the report corrected spelling errors and language as much as possible , and added information related to the project. This is the scope of the report on the scope of the program , we have some amendments to it , including cleaning screen translator when we make a new translation . It changes when you open more than one file and press the button , the implementation of the program will be implemented by the active file while in the former performs translated by another program . We have the experience and the Borland compiler (C + + 3.1) Vlahzna he performs file system independent of the stomping , but we faced a lot of problems , and our contact the company by e-mail , but we did not find any response .
2 . The problem

In the beginning we have a translator for the Pascal language Arabic , and complex and Link (LINKER), all of which do not work on Windows or called (Console Application). And to deal with them for users is difficult and boring , so you have to write the software on any editor and you save and then you run the translator on the stomping that comes out you file type (ASM) then you run the complex and then you run the link and then goes out to you executable file . As if there was an environment of facilitated process. From here, we began work environment for the Pascal language Arabic so as to facilitate dealing with this language and supported .
3 . The main idea

The main idea was that we relied upon in the Pascal language development environment Arabic is working with files , Valmelvat play a key role in the program, and the idea is that we copy the program file to the user's last name (Result.AP) and the reason for this is to facilitate the work and lack of access in the maze of tracks when you run the compiler . Then we run the translator unobtrusively and ask him to guide the results to a text file (Result.txt) and through this file , we presented the results of the translation, and then we run...

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