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The Evolution Of Dance Essay

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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain (Vivian Greene).” For some, dance is life; for others dance is just a fun thing to do when you’re with friends or at a party. Dance has many different styles and types. Dance is always evolving and will most likely never stop. Dance has changed over the years; new dances have been introduced and older dances have gone out of style.
There are many types of dance; It all depends on the person you talk to (sv;sv).
Hip-hop is one of the most well known types of dance. Hip-hop became widely known after the first professional street based crews formed in the 1970’s (Maureen). Dance fads were and still are very popular. Some dance fads of the 1990’s were: The Running Man, the Worm, the Cabbage Patch (a,b,c) (Maureen). Social dances that were popular during that time were the Cha cha slide, and the Dougie. The most widely known is the Electric Slide (Maureen). Urban line dances that were created from hip-hop songs of the same name were: The Cha-Cha slide, the Cupid Shuffle, and the Soulja Boy. Hip- hop is not a studio-derived style, it is a sub-genre centered on call-and-response vocals and the endlessly sampled Triggaman beat (Maureen). “The history of Hip-Hop dance encompasses the people and events since the late 1960’s that have contributed to the development of early hip-hop dance styles: Uprock, Locking, Roboting, Boogaloo, and Popping.” Black and Latino Americans created Uprock and Breaking in New York City (Maureen). Black Americans in California created Locking, Roboting, Boogeloo, and Popping, also known as funk styles (Maureen). “When there was and issue over turf, the 2 warlords of the feuding gangs would Uprock and whoever won this preliminary dance battle decided were the real fight would be.” There are two types of hip-hop dancers. B-boys and B-girls. B-boys are boys that break dance and enter in competitions; B-girls are girls that do the same (Maureen).
Dancing has taken a whole new flavor (Nayberry). Nayberry states, “ There is so much more sexual elements in what the kids are doing now a days. The dances are more provocative.” Dancing is all about shaking this and dropping that. There is too much sex in the movements of today’s dances (Nayberry). It’s hard for adults today to watch their kids shake and grind with others with every inch of there little bodies. Dance used to look all innocent and fun; dancing today looks nothing like that. Children have started idolizing stars that show no restraint in their lifestyles; because celebrities these days treat sex like a day at the amusement park, and the kids want to mimic their attitudes (Nayberry). People are accepting sex. Constantly being told sex sells and people are willing to put the sex into entertainment (Nayberry).
Dances back in day were nothing like how it is now. Dane made it very clear that “ From the Charleston to the twist to the Hustle, Dance fads always served to define their...

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