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The Evolution Of Dubstep And Its Current Mutations In American Culture

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The Evolution of Dubstep and its current mutations in American Culture is a very interesting subject. From its humble origins in the late 1990s in the UK to when dubstep kicks off into mainstream music in the late 2000s and its subsequent mutations in American culture. The mutations that have become huge in American culture are associated with Skrillex as a figure head and the “Brostep” movement.

Origins of Dubstep (1998-2002)
The early dubstep movement started out in the United Kingdom in late 1998. The early dubstep releases were all experimental and garage produced. The early dubstep releases were trying to incorporate drum and bass into the popular 2 step electronic dance ...view middle of the document...

Big Apple Records started out recording and selling hardcore, rave, techno, house music but as dubstep began emerging as a genre started to evolve directly with dubstep. Early dubstep artists Hatcha and Skream that would become key for the genre worked at Big Apple Records.

Early Evolution (2002-2005)
Starting in early 2003 artist Dj Hatcha started a new movement in the dubstep genre airing his new music through Rinse FM and through his productions at the Foward >> club. This new direction was toward a dark, clipped and minimal side of dubstep. Near the end of 2003 an event called Filthy Dub started happening promoting new dubstep artists. Skream, Benga, N Type, Walsh, Chef, Loefah, and Cryus all made their debuts onto the London scene as Djs during the Filthy Dub events. From these artists the introduction of jungle bass into Dubstep came. Artist duo, Digital Mystikz (Mala and Coki) came into the scene around this time and brought reggae and dub influences as well as orchestral melodies to the Dubstep genre. Digital Mystikz founded DMZ Records which began to hold dubstep events in Brixton London which was strongly influenced by reggae. DMZ began to showcase new dubstep artists such as Skream, Kode 9, Benga, Pinch, Dj Youngsta, Hijak, Joe Nice, and Vex'd. At DMZ's first anniversary event people from as far as Sweden the United States and Australia attended. The large amounts of attendees lead to a queue of over 600 people attempting to attend the event outside the venue. This was biggest event the dubstep genre had produced to the time. Also in 2004 the label Rephlex released two compilations which included dubstep tracks. The compilations were primarily grime which was drawing more attention than the dubstep scene at the time. These compilations helped raise awareness of dubstep and in the public eye meshed the genres of grime and dubstep together.

Progression/Growth (2005-2008)
In the middle of 2005 Forward >> again helped push dubstep to new heights. Forward >> began to bring the popular grime Djs into their club and put them as the earlier sets in the night getting more people into the clubs on grime then switching to dubstep later in the night. Another event that helped raise the awareness of dubstep was when BBC Radio 1 Dj Mary Anne Hobbs (popular radio Dj in UK) hosted a show called “Dubstep Warz” which helped to create a global audience for dubstep as this show was aired internationally. Another event that helped get dubstep out of the UK was Burial’s album which gained traction in many top 100 lists and even landed in “The Wire’s” best of 2006. Dubsteps first North American “sound ambassador” was Dj Joe Nice from Baltimore MD. After bringing dubstep from the UK dubstep clubs began to popup in the United States in large cities like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston and Denver. Out of the United States previously mentioned Dj Mary Anne Hobbs began to distribute dubstep to Europe hosting a dubstep showcase at the 2007 Sonar...

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