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The Evolution Of Fashion Essay

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Certain times have advanced fashion and the 18th century was full of days which led to it possibility for more people to know about fashion.
The evolution of fashion is an essential work for everyone concerned with designs and costumes for different stages over the period of time. Clothing are a necessity also they are function. The change of garments depends on the weather and fabric
Fashion changes began to spread rapidly from the higher class to middle and working lower class. As communication improved fashion and style changes have influenced what people wear. Human beings have been using clothes throughout the history. Have we have seen, the garments worn in the past is totally different from present. Every change in the society, including differences between cultures and living styles is reflected in the way people dress and the types of accessories worn. It is believed that fashion changes as a response to the marketing strategy also influencing marketing the way in which fashion evolved in time.
During the beginning of the 18th century, men and women wore different clothes than they did at the end. The monarch was the trendsetter of fashion. Clothing later developed as people looked up at both country and nature for inspirations. Men wore clothes that looked similar to the previous century. Wealthy men wore white linen or cotton shirt with laced edged or tie topped with sleeveless and many other rich designs. The working men wore simple garments and less made clothes out of cotton and wool. At the middle of the century, wealthy men wore similar clothing but it changed in both fitness and decoration in style. Also at the beginning of this century,men wore justacorp which is a long coat worn over a shirt and vest. It is one of the most common undergarment worn by men.It is a flexible garments that was changed to fit fashion of the day. By the 18th century the justacorp comes in wide cuffs and stiffened skirt. Then at the end the coat was later shortened to below the hips and the justaucorps extended .
In the time of George III in 1805, the colour in that time for men was dark blue, black or bottle green for the coats and white from the breeches. And for the women they wore white once it came to classic dress with touches of trimming and accessories. In terms of decorations, there is a huge absent in both men and women’s dress. The fabric was woven in that time also embroidered or printed in shapes. Spots are often repeated in a pattern way.There were padding and restriction , women wore a small short and corset and little bum roll. A collection of cotton balls sewn to the back of the corset to thrust out from the skirt from the high waistline .In the movement of men the felt relaxed, easy and natural compared to formal behaviour in fashion. Then the women they had lit costume and soft materials, without extensions or simple natural and easy movements. ...

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