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The Evolution Of Shoes Essay

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Shoes have been worn for many centuries and evolved over time. They serve the purpose of protecting and providing comfort for people’s feet. They also have benefited people in the fashion and sports industry through the many different types of shoes that people wear.
Shoes are for covering of the foot. Some are made out of leather, mud, wood, and other available materials that were available at the time. Prehistoric shoes had sturdy bottom and sometimes didn’t reach above the ankle (Prehistoric the iceman cometh).
40,000 BC was the first year of clear evidence of foot covering in the ice age period of life. In 4000 BC the primary bendy shoe came from a place called Egypt Archeologists have found the first known leather shoes beside a cave in Armenia that are estimated to be from the year 3627 BC. Many people around the world use leather sandals in their routine lives. “Buskin shoes were also known to be made in Greece and Rome” (Prehistoric the iceman cometh).
Sandals were the first shoes; they were plain and only had two parts to the shoes. The two parts were called, “sole and thong” and they were later named flip flops. They were made out of molded wet sand that dried in the sun to harden. They were braided then molded in the sole part of the flip flops and then they were ready to be worn.
Shoes can tell us a lot about a person it helps you understand the world. The Keith Family of shoe makers traced it ancestry all the way back to the Reverend James Keith, who was the first minister of Bridgewater Massachusetts. He came from Scotland in the year of 1662. Bridgewater was the first interior settlement found by families from the Plymouth Colony he moved inland it was here in 1758 that Reverend James great grandson was the first person out the family to create shoes in his small house. He passed his work ethic down to his son. They learned at an early age. Shoes has become an important role in our lives it provides comfort for and protects our feet because if we didn’t have shoes then our feet would be dirty an it would hurt to walk on rocks (Prehistoric the iceman cometh)
High heels stands for an obsessed female red shoes are for pleasure and desire. Tennis shoes is for the modern world it helps relaxation. Has always been introduce by the difference between males and females an it turns into desires (Graham) .
You can tell the difference between male and female shoes. Sandals were the most common footwear in most early ages a few young cultures had soft shoes. A specific type of soft shoes was worn by the mountain people they lived on the border of Iran. Soft shoes were made out of leather. In the late 1850’s most shoes looked the same you could not tell the difference between the right and the left shoe.
(Prehistoric the iceman cometh)
The first rubber heel for shoes was made on January 24, 1899 by an Irish man names Humphrey O’Sullivan. It outlasted the leather heel. A man named Elijah Mccoy invented an improvement for...

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