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The Evolution Of The American Family Values Over The Years Since The 50s And How It Affects The Up Bringing Of A Child

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Why do people feel nostalgic about the 1950s ideal nuclear family? It has been voted in the past, to be the best time for children to grow up. Who would not dream of a family which is perfect, with a dad who provides for the family, stay at home mom with two children to take care of, and with happiness surrounding them every single day? As Coontz has stated, "It is the belief that the 1950s provided a more family-friendly economic and social environment, an easier climate in which to keep kids on the straight and narrow, and above all, a greater feeling of hope for a family's long-term future, especially for its young."After the 1930s, the postwar repercussion of World War II was aiding the recovery of United States of America's economy. The American people seized the opportunity and were ready to try something new and created the nuclear families. As the economy was booming, the American people were able to afford a better lifestyle on only one third of their annual income. As a result of that, the parents were able to give more personal attention to the children. Unlike today as inflation and expenses are on the rise, people are going deeper into debt and the average person is not able to afford the necessities of life as compared to the 50s. Without the financial security children drop out of high school and take minimum wage jobs, Education is no longer a priority for most teenagers. Illiteracy leads to feuds and conflicts which eventually dissolves the family infrastructure.As the years went by women became career centric and focused most of their energy pursuing career opportunities, the children received less and less attention. Mothers were soon replaced with nannies or daycares, which eventually creates a gap between them. As the children grow older they become less family centric and less attached.The trend of today with the divorce rate at a record high, many single parent mothers or fathers are raising their children. According to Danielle Crittenden "There is nothing now left to bind a man to his wife and children- or wife to her husband- but the very tenuous bonds of affection and sexual attraction. If a man is decent and loves his wife and would never abandon her. Well, lucky her- she's found, by today's standards, a rare gem." This may sound like sarcasm but unfortunately it is the truth of today in general. It is the child who surpasses difficult times; it is in the early years of the child when he is molded into the person he is to become. As a result of disputes between the parents, in the end the child suffers because he/she does not receive as much attention which leads to domestic adolescence retaliation. Even though, this might not be the intention of the parent, but it is inevitable. Due to the lack of personal attention, children adopt characteristics of other people such as their peers.The media has regenerated the 50s as such a cliché with television shows and soap operas. By this recreation of that era, people...

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