The Evolution Of The Idea Of The “Macho Man” In Advertisement Dating From The 30’s To Our Times

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Machismo or the idea of "Macho Man" can be seen as a set of beliefs, customs and attitudes and even a culture, which hold that men are superior to women intelligence, strength and other capacities. Those who believe in it or have been raised by it, think that is the man who has control of decisions and choice making, that it can control the women at his convenience. The masculinity or what we often call machismo has been a problem for society for centuries now. Marvin Harris, in this book "Cannibals and Kings, The Origins of Culture" proposes that the origin of this culture is not given to the aggressive nature of man but in population and environment pressures. He suggests that the origin ...view middle of the document...

But mass consumption meant , above all, consistency . Buying many standardized products marketed at that time were already required to comply not be left out of this emerging middle class consumer.
It is then, after the Second World War, when it seems that the new collection of objects of consumption even has its own linguistic dimension : "The consumer enters a general order of meanings in which the symbolic dimensions tend to use and totaling any practice purchasing , "explains Luis Enrique Alonso ( Alonso , 2006). But soon the rapid pace of product renewal and obsolescence calculated saturated commercial communication allusions : "In the Encyclopedia , the man was able to offer a complete picture of the practical and technical I was surrounded by objects. After equilibrium is broken : everyday objects (not talking machines ) proliferate , needs multiply , production accelerates his birth and death, we lack a vocabulary to name " would Baudrillard late sixties (Baudrillard , 1968 ) .
The real deal with universalizable modern factory aspirations needed had enabled an ever increasing consumption of these collections of objects, representations of a comfortable life under the baton of progress. Precisely for this reason , the Protestant austerity of the century or the forced postwar austerity were suitable for the growth of a large middle class scenarios, but not for maintenance. The decades of the sixties and seventies will involve the rotation necessary. Soon advertising slogans used in a standardized manner as " Because I 'm worth it " or "Do not imitate , innovate " and openly target the consumer ego as a method. Instead of promising...

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