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The Evolution Of The Macintosh Computer Over Time

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Do you know how Apple was created? Do you really or do you just think you do? Apple or Mac is the same company. It was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs handled the marketing and Steve Wozniak managed the technical part. In 1976, Steve Wozniak showed Steve Jobs the product that was called Apple 1, it was a revolutionary product that Steve Wozniak only wanted to sell to the computer experts (programmers) and the government. But then Steve Jobs convinced Steve Wozniak to go and sell it to Intel. This is why today Apple is using intel. This was the birth of Apple computer. Then, when they created Apple 2, they made it a little bit more advanced and they doubled most of the specifications. Apple had a long history with multiple designs, there were different logos, different computer designs and even had Inspirations.

Design Introduction:

Apple (or “Mac”) is a very famous company, which is proud of its brand. It has went through quite a history, with its logos, inspiration and designs. Steve Jobs, as we know, is one co-founder of Apple and we know that he was handling the marketing, but he also managed the logos and designs of his products. Steve Jobs did not get all these ideas without inspirations.


Steve Jobs was inspired by his house architect, called Joseph Eichler. He inspired Steve Jobs because he had a simple design but yet it looked rich and since his family was a poor family they lived in a house that looked as if they were rich. Therefore, his designs looked very classy and in the same time it was cheap for what it offered. Not only the architect had inspired him for the design but also for the logo. But that was not his only inspiration, as per his biography, written by Walter Isaacson, he was also inspired by his dad (p18), where Steve Jobs admits he was eager to hang out with his dad. Not his biological dad but the dad that adopted him. He has influenced Steve Jobs because he was always so open about telling him he was adopted and that was also something that people believed was leaving scars. But Steve Jobs said he loves his father very much. He would always do stuff with his father even if he did not like it. As he grew older he grew closer to his father. As he grew closer to his father he was more and more inspired or “influenced” by him. Then once he created the first computer he had thought of logos.

Apple Logos:

Do you know what logos Apple had over the years? Apple, went through three logos, The Newton Crest, a very complicated logo that had no colours, the rainbow logo, that was a bitten Apple with multiple colours and the monochrome logo, this logo was also a bitten Apple but it had no colors it was just plain, simple, white. “The Newton Crest” was the most complicated of them all. It was a little hard to print, since they had to print it on every single computer. It was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne. The logo is Isaac newton sitting under a Apple tree....

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