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The Evolution Of Work And Education

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In examining women in the workforce and women’s education it becomes clear that they are not two separate issues within women’s right or even in Russian history. Rather these two aspects of women’s rights are closely intertwined, with advances in in women’s work helping to increase education opportunities for women. Molded by cultural, social and economic factors, women’s role in the workplaces brought about the evolution of women’s education in Russian history. Often examined separately, it is important when looking at the history of education and work to see education as the outcome of changes in the workforce. From increasing literacy, to filling opening in factories due to war, the ...view middle of the document...

With the majority of time dedicated to their training, young girls had very little opportunity to go to school and receive an education. At the time education was simply a luxury that women could not afford. For the peasants, knowing how to read would not put food on the table or cloths on their backs.
They were more willing to send boys because, in order to win cooperation of the parents, the government announced in 1874 that special privileges would be granted in military service to literate young men. There were no privileges whatever for literate girls, and the parents maintained that their daughters were needed at home for various duties, and that education was useful only for nuns in nunneries, and they did not wish their daughters to become nuns. -Sophia Satina

Daughters were seen as more useful to the family at home where she would help the other women in the family with their work and where she would learn the necessary skills needed to make a good marriage. Education was simply not a priority when everyday of hard work helped the family survive another day. For the village, marriage was a greater indicator of a women’s success than an education. In a similar situation to the peasant women, although with fewer restrictions and smaller amounts of physical labor, where the upper class women.
As with the peasant women, the elite were also busy preparing their young women for marriage, although with much different tasks. Rather than teaching the young women how to harvest the grain or spin wool, they were taught needlework, how to discipline their workers, and manage the house. They were taught to work with charitable groups, to obey their husbands, and on the subjects of bearing and raising children. All...

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