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The Evolutionary Ladder To New Media

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It started out with the air ways, families sat by the radio sets in their homes waiting for a familiar voice to greet them with the latest news. A few years later, those airways filled with a new signal, one that carried thousands of pieces of data that a television set at home would convert to video. Throughout the innovations in the airwaves, newspapers and print media hung on by a thin line.

However, with the introduction of new forms of media powered by the internet, Fathers do not have to wait for the morning newspaper to read the headlines. Mothers can keep up with the latest gossip, and kids can laugh away at videos online. In addition all of this information shoots across the airwaves within seconds from mobile phones and computers. Many professionals believe that traditional forms of media have had a front-row seat to their own death in the hands of the technological era, but media has not died, it has evolved to better suit the needs of the people.

As humans evolve we have developed a need to constantly have information readily available at our fingertips. With the internet age, new media outlets such as online editions of news papers and social networking have emerged as the providers for people to get faster and better access to pertinent information. Patrick McGovern, Chairman of International Data Group, stated that " If it is news, people want to hear it as soon as they can” (AFP). McGovern’s company, International Data Group, manages over 400 publications, many available exclusively online. Publishers like IDG have begun to understand the need to keep up with current and up to date early in the technology age. With the media market today, “current and up-to-date” means reporting the events going on presently. New media gives journalists the power to inform the people of exact events and news faster than ever before. No waiting, instant access, and immediate attention. Driven by the internet powerhouse, knowledge does not have to wait to spread. Traditional media costs money, and for years, has strategized to keep itself alive. However, print media’s management did not imagine the internet growing to what it has today. (Shriky) Traditional forms of media such as newspapers and magazines all cost money, money that the consumer has to spend, and money that publishers have to spend. Knowledge gives power, but when that knowledge costs even a couple of cents, no consumer wants to pay for it. Why? Because new media gives people a free way to send knowledge and information.

In new media, the term “News” not only applies to journalistic accounts, but has rather grown to a single person’s viewpoint or thought. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, new media paved the way for people to connect in unity and get the latest news. Editor and journalist Neal Morton remarked, “with the net, now we go and find the news…We go out and discuss various viewpoints [ourselves],” (Morton). New media has not only given...

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