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The Examination Day (Draft) Essay

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The Examination Day (Draft)INTROThe Examination Day by Henry Seslar is a depressing Science fiction short story set In a futuristic society. Henry seslars Story deals with…There is a major twist in the tail towards the end of the story which the reader doesn't necessarily expect but the author has affectively given use clues throughout the story leading up to the unexpected ending of The protagonist Dickies forthcoming death with the use of Narrative techniques such as…ThemesCharacterisationLanguageP.O.V1st Paragraph….One theme in this short story 'Examination Day' is that intelligence could possibly be seen as a threat.In the story the government has a strong grip over the society and does not want anyone to question them. Intelligent people questioned, and so they were eradicated through giving them an examination to test for their intelligence the unusual thing about this examination is that success was seen as a negative. The government in this story 'Examination Day' was an example of how intelligence could be seen as a potential threat. This is evident by a comment made In the text. "We regret to inform you that his intelligence quotient is above the Government regulation". This Clarifies to the reader that Dickie clearly passed the test, but this intelligence quotient was not expectable by government regulation meaning he was to smart.2nd ParagraphAccordingly the author has successfully used characterisation to lead use to the unexpected ending the through the use of actions and the speech of Dickie and Mr and Mrs Jordan. Dickie is a very intelligent and curious child this is demonstrated to the reader with the quotations "Dad", he said "How far way is the sun?" dickie asks a various amount of question throughout the beginning of the story this clearly portrays his curiosity and shows he's wanting to enhance his knowledge spectrum." I get good marks in school", He is also perceive as a clever school kid. The author portrays Mrs Jordan as a nervous and...

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