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The Examination Of The Importance Of Healthy Eating And Physical Activities In Raleigh, Nc Schools

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I. Introduction to Problem
Background of Obesity
Obesity has become a major public health issue. Healthy eating and daily physical activity play a significant role in preventing chronic diseases, such as a stroke, heart disease and cancer. These are the three leading causes of death among people under 18. The chronic disease risk factors are related to obesity. Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accrued to an extent that may be a negative effect on health. Obesity in childhood cannot be classified under adult criteria, since childhood is characterized by change in body mass index (BMI) dependent upon age and sex. During the last 3 decades, the prevalence ...view middle of the document...

Exercise helps develop muscle size, strength and endurance. Physical activities not only helps one physically but mentally also. It stimulates academic learning and shapes self-esteem. If physical activities is mandatory in schools then it will help to develop ones cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skills. If this is practiced early in life then it will encourage one to live an active life. I also seek to assess this study through survey, the degree in which physical activities in all grade schools from elementary to college help maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity.
Research Question
Will healthy eating and physical activities at ages 6-19 years help maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity?
II. Literature Review
Lara LaCaille, Kim Dauner, Rachel Krambeer, and Jon Pedersen compiled a qualitative analysis in 2011 of the psychosocial and environmental determinants of eating habits, physical activity, and weight change among college students. This literature by the various professionals provides a comprehensive understanding of the complexity interplay of the factors that contribute to unhealthy eating, decreased physical activity, and weight gain among college students. It is practical to closely examine students’ experiences with the transition to college and identify their perceptions of the contributing factors to their health compromising/enhancing behaviors.
The goal of the research was to identify factors that college students perceived as contributing to healthy and unhealthy eating patterns, physical activity (PA) levels, and weight change. The thesis of this is research states that: “Given that eating and exercise habits formed by late adolescence tend to correspond to those in early and later adulthood, it is critical to more clearly understand the factors that contribute to unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, which may ultimately lead to unwanted weight gain” (LaCaille et al, 2011). From my experience, I gained a few pounds freshman year but I lost it at the same time because I was engaged in physical activities. This literature contributes to obesity because when one gains weight they become overweight and eventually obese if one doesn’t change their dietary intake and physical...

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