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The Expansion Of Private Health Insurance In The United States Is Expected Will To Lead To Universal Healthcare Coverage

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To understand why the health care of the United States has developed to an uneven, uneconomical and inefficient health care system; we must understand the economic theory that pushes this market to be so inefficient. The American health care system is based on the subjective theory of value. This is a theory of value which advances the idea that the value of a good is not determined by any inherent property of the good, nor by the amount of labor required to produce the good, but instead value is determined by the importance of an acting individual places on a good for the achievement of their desired ends (6). In other words, there is no "thing-in-itself to measure the value. Rothbard an American economist, has stressed the need to use the term value with care: "It is important to keep distinct the subjective use of the term in the sense of valuation and preference, as against the 'objective' use in the sense of purchasing power or price on the market" (7). The American health care system has a unique mix of private and public health care market; and with insurers with different concepts of value. The Subjective Theory of Value also shows that they are contradictory economic, financial and social interests that are injuring the quality and equitable health care. For all intents and purposes there is a financial and social struggle that is going on the health care industry. There are many vested interests like healthcare professionals (doctors, hospitals, nurses) against insurance companies. And at the end the most affected in this confrontation are the common American citizens that cannot get good quality and affordable health care. The American health insurance and health care market is a for-profit industry. This industry puts revenue before the wellbeing of their citizens; consequently it is up to the judicial branch to insure the well being of the populations’ health. Furthermore because the American health care market puts profits before health care, the laws that guard people rights to health care need to safeguarded by the government. This is why the government needs to apply laws that regulate all health care practices and all that involves within this market. Therefore to understand the law, it requires an understanding of the healthcare industry and all that involves on the practice of health insurance. The law is very complex where the 2.8 trillion U.S dollar health care system challenges any type of explanations (8).
Maybe the Obama Care Act will improve the health care system, but the health care hardship continues even though they are laws that protect the right to health. Since social and biological determinants establish who gets ill and the quality of care they receive, the United States is going through a health crisis that inequitable health care affects underprivileged social groups and low-income communities (for example people of color and immigrants). For example, black and Latino patients are less likely than white to...

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