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The Expansion Of Rights And Freedom In America (1865 1975)

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Americans view of civil liberties and freedom changed a lot from 1865 to 1975. It started with white land owning males having freedom and everyone else having a restricted freedom in some form. Throughout that 90-year span, however it changed to a more modern view as it is today, where every man and woman is free to do as he/she pleases and achieve the American dream. This changed occurred in what I see as the three most important era’s. The first one being the era of reconstruction, which set the foundation for further changes to occur and is the first real point when people started dealing with the idea of equality and freedom for all. The second is WWII this era was important, ...view middle of the document...

It lead to the 13-15 amendment and laid the groundwork for African American, because it won them the right to vote. Though it was not necessarily successful, because it did not give African Americans complete freedom and yeah it lead to the black codes and the separate but equal mindset. It did however set the foundation work for later events by one giving African Americans the right to vote and two by giving African Americans social move ability. Sure it was hard, but they where free to do and go wherever they wanted now. With this mobility they spread into different areas and started there own communities. They would also eventually join the army in WW2 and become the lawyers and pastors of the civil rights movement. This was essential, because with the right to vote, they had a voice and with freedom from slavery, they could choose what they said.
The next major changing point in people perception of freedom I feel deserves mentioning is less of a movement/event and more of an unintentional consequence. This comes from WWII and the empowerment it gave to several American minorities. During WWII, most of the young White Americans went to war. With them gone many jobs where opened to individuals that would normally be barred from working there. It was also during this time that many individuals began to realize the flaw in America. We where a country built on freedom and we where in a war fighting for freedom, but not everyone was truly free and several individuals began speaking out against this evident flaw. It also represented the changing tide in women’s rights. With women, working people’s mindsets started to change. If you can do a man’s job, why can’t you be treated as a man after all? With women working and providing for themselves and African Americans realizing that if Americans were willing to die for freedom in Europe why cannot there be freedom in America. People started to finally realize that freedom was not something you could keep from someone it was deserved by all. This gave...

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