The Expansion Of Technology In Society

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Technological SocietiesThe expansion of technology in society increases the division of labor, mobility, and equality of its members. This statement seems quite accurate to me, especially as we keep progressing and developing new ways of imporving the way we live, and as more and more people adopt the entrpreneural spirit we saw during the industrial revolution.Emile Durkheim, discussed in his book the "Divison of Labor in Society", some of the exact points which we have studied in class. I will therefore from time to time refer back to some of his theories in this essay. It is important to note that there are postive aspects to technological advances and negative aspects as well. The division of labor is simply the separation and specialization of work among people. As industry and technology proliferate, and population increases, society must be become more specialized if it is to survive. In modern society, this is especially evident. Labor has never before been as specialized as it is now, and the current trend is toward even further increased specialization. There are many implications as a result of technological advances, and to go through some of them will provide us with a bit of support for our thesis. People become increasingly separated, a group or persons values and interests become different, and somewhere along the line subcultures are formed.This was evident in the change from Agrarian to Industrial society. As entreprenuers created different tools and function, it forced people to perform distinct, separate, and specialized tasks, as well as made everyone rely on each other to survive. I use this example because it is simple. When farming was the only thing to do, everyone performed the same jobs, and thus no one had a better or worse job. As technology specialized, people were directed towards different jobs, some better, some worse. This created the merging of the ruling culture with the working culture, and thus the ruling class became dependant on the working class, which may possibly have increased the ability of the working class to move up socially, but none the less increased the division of labor. Durkheim said it well when he quoted "In one case as in the other, the structure derives from the divison of labor and its solidarity. Each part of the animal, having become an organ, has its proper sphere of action where it moves independently without imposing itself upon others. But, from another point of view, they depend more on one another than in a colony, since they cannot separate without perishing."(1933, p. 192)The idea that the division of labor creates both economic and political importance for the working class is very positive, but there is a significant negative. The family was to be seen as the most important institiution. As the division of labor increases, the ties which bind the individual to his family, to his native soil, to traditions which the past has given to him, to collective group usages, become...

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