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The Expansion Of The Keystone Pipeline Xl

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Politicians, the President, and American citizens have been debating on whether or not to build the Keystone Pipeline XL (export limited) extension for years. The mastermind behind the project is a home based company in Canada called TransCanada. This company operates "57,000 kilometers of pipelines dedicated primarily to transportation and distribution of natural gas, storage for a fraction of this gas, and generation of electric power" (McElroy). Having invested more than $900 million in safety programs according to the article "Five reasons why Keystone XL benefits the U.S.," TransCanada wants to build this section of the pipeline as a "direct link between Hadisty, Alberta and Steele City, Nebraska transporting 830,000 barrels of oil a day" (McElroy). The Keystone Pipeline XL will create jobs, increase the importing of oil from a dependent oil source, and won't significantly change the Earth's climate. Despite what some people say, for the benefit of the United State's oil industry, the Keystone Pipeline XL should be built to provide us with the oil that powers our everyday lives.
The main benefit of the pipeline, due to the high unemployment rate in the United States, would be the amount of jobs created. The Keystone pipeline, being 1,179 miles long and 36 inches in diameter (John) would create anywhere between 20,000 and 42,000 jobs. The jobs would both be direct and indirect in status. Stated by Wendy Koch in her article "Would Keystone Pipeline Unload "Carbon Bomb" or Job Boom?" 3,900 one year jobs, 38,200 indirect jobs, and 50 operation jobs would be created during the construction of the pipeline across the northern border. All of the products used to create the pipeline would be manufactured in the United States, "from the pipe being manufactured in Arkansas, pump motors made in Ohio and transformers built in Pennsylvania." ("Myths").
The creation of the pipeline will also make more jobs through the million of barrels of oil it will shuttle through it. The oil will reach the United States' refiners and then have to be made into materials we can use. Refineries would need more workers for the abundance of oil being imported. The article "Myths & Facts," says that the money used towards employment would be about $2.053 billion. Not all of these jobs will be long term, but they will help the United States unemployment rates. Not only will the Keystone Pipeline XL add jobs, it will also add a new oil source to the United States market.
The United States consumed an average of about 365.65 million gallons of gasoline in 2012 ("Myths"). Right now we are importing oil from Venezuela and the Middle East as well as several other unstable places ("Myths"). With the building of the pipeline, Canada would be our number one supplier. This relationship would be stable and reliable unlike the current oil relationships the United States has with countries in the Middle East. We have already started importing less oil from Mexico, according to...

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