The Expectation In Asian Countries: Research Paper.

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Everyone knows that family is the most important thing any individual can ever have in his/her life. It's practically the main element to make a person whole, because having no family can be very destructive. In a young mind, a family is mainly considered to be having a mother, a father, and siblings that'll love you forever with having no problems at all. That is shown to be the "light" side of the image of family, but in the real world, there is always an opposite of all things, even a family. For the "dark" side of a family would be composed of a child hating all those who would care for him/her, and those people are the child's parents. There could be many reasons why children would hate their parents, but there is one answer that may be the highest one to all younglings: expectations.Parents with high expectation for their kids have many reasons as to why they would teach their kids to make them think and act the way they want them to be. And the one thing that most parents would respond to would be for having their kids to have a better future than the parents would ever have in their time. In the short story "Two Kinds", part of many short stories from "The Joy Luck Club", the main character, Jing-Mei, had a mother who had this sort of thought of making her daughter the ultimate "prodigy". The mother, Suyan, believed that Jing-Mei can be a prodigy if only she had worked harder and by stating that "You can be the best at anything". But all of that image was not thought of by Jing-Mei's decision, but by Suyan's decision, due to the fact that Suyan had that dream for many years, but had never achieved it when she was back in China. In history, China was a very poor country in the early 20th century. Most people living there were unemployed, not educated enough, and not even have food to survive. Suyan, unfortunately, had to live in those times of suffering.With the facts of China being a poor country, many Chinese believed that in order to survive for both themselves and their children, they would have to move to a different country. And a majority of them have decided to move to America, to what most foreign people called "The Land of Opportunity". Suyan believed that "you could be anything in America. You could open a restaurant, you could work for the government and get good retirement, you could buy a house with almost no money down, you could become rich, and you can become famous." This sort of concept was not only thought of in the mind of an early 20th century Chinese foreigner, but had begun by the mind of a late 19th century Chinese foreigner, preferably found during the immigration period. In the late 1800's, during the Gold Rush Period, Chinese came to America for the sole purpose of finding gold to make a living and to escape the thought of ever being poor in China. Unfortunately, all those hopes and dream were shattered like a fragile broken glass, for it was until the...

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