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The Cost Of Two Parents Working

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Most family’s feel that both parents need to work today. Society leads one to think it is a necessity for two adults to work to survive. When the decision is being made for two adults to work does the family consider all the cost involved? Two adults working can have a huge effect on a family’s emotional, time, and finances.
When, two parents are working emotional effects can be felt by everyone in the family. Children have a natural craving to want mom or dad to be around when they come home from school, get hurt, get sick, or just want to be with them. Not being there for the child can cause emotional problems for the child. Moms especial will miss seeing their children growing up, and being there for special moments. Sure you will have a few hours every night, but that will go by quickly when homework, housework, and outings get in the way. Moms will also have extra worries about leaving a child in daycare, and if the child will be cared for the way they want. If you have to work you won’t be able to make it to all your child’s sports games or other special activity your child is participating in. These events mean as much to the parent as it does the child. Both parents working will be stressed because everything isn’t getting done they want, and when things aren’t being done the way they want it done.
Since, time will be limited you will need to consider the cost of the time you will be giving up. You will never have the time to clean the house the way you want to. You won’t be able to spend much time doing leisurely task you enjoy. You will need to learn how to balance the time of working and your family. You won’t be able to do everything you want to do. You need to learn to pick and choose the most important activities. Learning to say no when someone ask you for something is something you will have to learn to do, or...

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