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The Experience Of Institutionalism Essay

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From the reflection in the mirror on the wall of the diner as I sat comfortably on the lemon green sofa on the second floor, the view was splendid and it was everything I loved. Such bright and lovely scenery made you want to spend an eternity staring at it. Of all the interesting places on campus at UMass Lowell, my strange choice for most favorite is situated on the second floor of Fox Hall, which happened to be the tallest building in Lowell, MA. It is referred to as the university dining, a place where most students meet to eat, take their mind off schoolwork, and comfortably enjoy their meals to regain lost energy used up during the night’s sleep or the day. As my mother says, the best ...view middle of the document...

These aromas create a shared value among members of the dining hall due to the common memories they bring.
The dining experience is not just about the eye catchy decorations, but also the food, the people and the sensation. The smiles on the faces of students when they see their favorite meals on the menu, the disappointment they feel when they realize there is nothing on the menu they want and the frustration they show at having to join long queues sometimes all add to the dining hall experience. Almost all the people who come to the dining express the same emotional connection to their favorite meal and the same connection when they do not get their favorite meal. In order to get your home-style meal, you must join a slow moving queue--length of students in different shades of clothes colors creating a coil of a garter snake, evoking memories of how it hisses at itself when someone steps out or cuts into a line. While waiting in the queue for your food, you are bound to see a few familiar faces from class, the gym or somewhere random. How students do or do not relate to these "familiar" faces on the queue adds to the dining hall intrigue. While waiting for the meal, all the people in the queue all have one common interest and feeling, the feeling their needs would be met, and they would be fulfilled at the end of the day. It is very exciting to see the enthusiasm the people making the food express and the smiles they give you. That kind of smile that gives the food a special taste even if it does not taste like you would want it to. Moreover, the warm welcome you receive from the person at the counter as you enter the dining hall just sets you on the right pace to begin and end your day. It makes one feel part of a family.
There are four groups of people in the...

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