The Cause Of Teen Alcoholism In The World Today.

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Imagine just turning sixteen and being at your first "real" high school party. After tearfully begging your parents to treat you like an adult and let you go with a friend, you are finally there. You are a little bit nervous due to the fact you know only a few number of the people in the room, the rest being upperclassmen. Finally, after what seems forever of shyly shifting from one foot to the other and making small talk with people you barely know, a cute upperclassmen comes up to you and offers you a beer. A decision is before you, either ignore all those years of adults telling you that drinking was bad or to ignore all that advice and take the drink, not wanting to look like a wimp in front of the cute stranger. You take the drink, and down it, noticing the strange tickling sensation down your stomach. "That wasn't so bad," you think to yourself and cheerfully accept another. After a while, you realize that you are talking, even shouting, to anyone and everyone around you. "How did I get to be like this? Am I drunk?" (Bichler 12). This situation is more common today than most people may think. Teens today have been drawn more than ever to the appeal of alcohol. Some causes of teen drinking include drinking as feeling better, family influence, the result of advertising, and drinking due to peer pressure. Each different cause makes a significant impact in a teen's decision to drink.One of the first causes of teen drinking is the idea of feeling better, whether it be in hope of escaping large amounts of stress or to feel better by appearing older and more sophisticated. Most teens agree that when drinking, you find yourself more daring, and you feel more mature due to the basic fact you are drinking (Coffey 11). Drinking as a way of escape can originate from several different causes. Some teens drink in order to forget some type of financial difficulties that may be occurring at home. For example, money may be tight due to a parent losing a job, or even living in a single parent home with one adult trying to take care and raise a family by his or her self. Another cause of drinking to escape may be emotional strains. For instance, a teen may be coming from a home where there is physical, mental, or even sexual abuse taking place. The teen may turn to alcohol as a way to escape the reality of the abuse, numbing and hiding the truth. Separated or divorced parents may be another cause for teen drinking. When these types of parents fight with each other, sometimes they make the hurtful attempt to try to get their child to take one or the other's side, causing strain on the teen. The strain is believed by some teens to be able to be taken away with the use of alcohol (Bichler 46).An additional cause of teen drinking is the strong influence of advertising. Americans today spend over $20 billion on alcoholic beverages a year. This large amount of money would drop drastically if the nation as a whole began drinking in moderation. With so much money at...

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