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The Explorations Of Different Methods Of Anesthesia Into The Human Body

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There are currently more than 36,000 nurse anesthetists in the U.S. – approximately 45% of whom are men. ("Explore Health Careers.") Based upon project time regarding future jobs this is truly a worth and challenging field. That is one of the many reasons I have chosen this career, there are not very many nurse anesthetists, and that means a high demand for this career. Money magazine ranked Nurse Anesthetists as number fifteen in their top paying jobs of America with an average of 292,000 dollars per year. ("Money Magazine " 4) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are advanced practice nurses who safely provide anesthesia care to more than 22 million surgical, obstetrical and trauma patients each year in the United States. ("Explore Health Careers.") They administer every type of anesthesia, work in every type of practice setting, and provide care for every type of operation or procedure – from open-heart surgery to pain management programs. Nurse anesthetists have been providing anesthesia in the U.S. for over 125 years, beginning with the care of wounded soldiers during the Civil War. In this paper I will be addressing three main points about nurse anesthetists. ("Explore Health Careers.") What and how much schooling is needed, the three different procedures of anesthesia and how they are delivered, and how much power and money they get and the different ways to increase their salary.
There are three different components of schooling for nurse anesthetists. The first part is becoming a registered nurse, which takes four years to accomplish. The second is doing a one-year internship in the operating room. The last and final part of schooling that Nurse Anesthetists need is anesthesiology school that can last from twenty-five to thirty-five months. An organization that helps these nurse anesthetists accomplish their goals in school and the work field is the “International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists” (IFNA). IFNA was started in 1989. Since then it has flourished in membership and has become an authoritative voice for nurse anesthetists worldwide. Since its beginning there has been 107 countries where nurse anesthetists train and practice and in additional 9 countries where nurses assist in the administration of anesthesia. Nurse anesthetists participate in 80 percent of anesthesia worldwide, and are the sole providers in 60 percent of anesthesia worldwide. ("What is a CRNA.")
There are three different types of anesthesia. The first and most used type of anesthesia is general anesthesia. This type is used for surgeries when they have to breath for the patient. Like P.T., abdomen, orthopedic, and G.Y.N cases. In these cases they use muscle relaxant to put a tube into the lungs of the patents to allow the nurse anesthetists to breathe for them with their equipment. The second type of anesthesia is regional anesthesia. This type is used for surgeries like epidural and spinal surgeries. The third and last type of anesthesia is...

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