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Throughout the poem “The Exposed Nest” by Robert Frost there were multiple themes revealed to readers. Themes that were repeatedly shown throughout this poem were duties, Nature, and Parents. Frost uses many metaphors to compare nature life to human life. In each theme revealed the message that came out was Responsibilities, protection and the misery of nature. The themes that are all portrayed in the poem comes together to show the main idea.
There are numberless good citizens out in society. The people who try to make everything right no matter what. There are many people who are warm-hearted and just care for everyone and everything, Especially nature. Nature and the animals that come ...view middle of the document...

In this poem the mother of the birds could have been out doing her responsibility of finding her children something to eat, but the bird never returns. Readers can assume either the mother bird was frighten from the speaker and his child or she have died. The speakers wife and child’s mother could have passed away leaving the two men to go on their on. Women are usually the one’s that cook, clean and be of the household training up the kids while the men often work. In this case the birds will not have a training to teach them how to survive out in life.
Robert Frost is known for being a more complex writer. The way Frost can put something so simple into a thousand words and have a reader confused, unless they dig down and do investigation. Lines 35-36 is the best example of a parent. Throughout life parents train up their kids to be able to live out in the struggles of real life world by themselves. Eventually when a kid is no longer a kid and grows up he goes off on his on. The last line of the poem is basically a bird learning to fly and live on its own, which is like a kid into an adult. The child has to learn to be on their on or struggle in life. The bird has to learn to fly and be on its own, or die. It is in a parents blood to protect their child. A parent nine times out of 10 can point out danger to their child because they have been there and done it. Parents have the job of protecting their kids the best way that they can. The birds are left alone in the poem and it is no one to protect them. In real life parents know all about the protection of their children. They are the ones that can spot out the danger before it even arises.
Line 16 is the best example that show the readers the bird are left out on their on. If a mother bird was their with her babies they would not be left defenseless. They are now exposed the outside world of life without the proper training. They are too small to do forge out their own food, to build up another nest, to protect themselves, to keep warm. These are all jobs for the mother bird and if she was there when the nest fell then the responsibility of the parent would have kicked in. This line can also go back to human life. When a mother figure or father figure is not in their child life it leaves them defenseless to certain aspects of life. A woman can not teach sports, mechanics, engineering as a man that know what they are doing....

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